Is there such a Thing as a Modern Signet Ring?

Traditionally, a signet ring bears a family crest or coat of arms, and is engraved in reverse so as to pressed into hot wax to form a wax seal on a letter. They have flitted in and out of fashion over the years, and are often associated with royalty or nobility, but in more recent decades they have also become a little – dare we say it? – dated at times.

Is there such a thing as a modern signet ring? When it comes to bespoke jewellery, Loughton based jewellery lovers can rest assured that we think there might just be…

Signets of Several Metals

One way to make your signet ring more modern is to use mixed metals. Combining the silver of a platinum band with a yellow gold face on top, for example, will give a striking look which will make the overall look and feel of your signet ring a lot more contemporary.

Alternatively have two narrower bands and faces made bespoke for you, created of two different metals; for example silver and rose gold. Have these fused together for a sleek, stylish, signet, which is perfectly split down the middle by the two metals.

Stone Signets

Simplicity is key when it comes to modern day signet rings. If you’re looking to include a stone on the signet ring itself, as trusted local jewellers we would suggest the inclusion of just one stone. Keep the band narrow, and the face relatively small, and have one special stone set in the middle.

The beauty of having a piece made bespoke for you, of course, is that you can choose whichever stone you like to have included within the piece. When it comes to bespoke jewellery, Loughton customers often opt for a stone which is sentimental to them - usually their birthstone, or that of a loved one – but you really can choose whatever takes your fancy!

Stacked Signets

Stacked rings have been in fashion for many years now, and with signet rings having made a comeback on the catwalk recently, why not combine two trends?

Traditionally, a signet ring is worn on the little finger of your non-predominant hand. But there’s nothing to say that this has to be the case! Why not wear it on your ring finger, and then have a separate ring made bespoke for you which is completely encrusted with small stones around the band and follows the shape of your signet ring?

Such pieces of bespoke jewellery could even be worn in place of a wedding ring and eternity ring!

Special Signets

Of course, the beauty of a signet ring is that it usually holds a family crest, or the crest of a club or organisation which you belong to. However, you can have anything you want engraved on your signet ring! Giving a signet ring with a secret messaged engraved on it as part of the design makes for a really thoughtful gift.

If you’re looking for bespoke jewellery Loughton wide, E.K. Jewellers is in the nearby vicinity, just a short car or train journey away. We can create a bespoke signet ring just for you. And a unique, bespoke signet ring will always be at the forefront of modern jewellery.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.