Jewellery for Each and Every Bridesmaid

Wedding parties nowadays are less about matching and coordinating but instead are more about showing off individual personalities. Many opt for mix and match dresses for their bridesmaids, often opting for several different styles of dresses in one shade, but sometimes a few different pastel shades or different tones of the same colour. But why stop just with the dress?

Your bridesmaids’ jewellery doesn’t have to match if you don’t want it to. Why not change things up and pick a piece to suit each maid’s personality? And your local jewellers are the perfect place to start when choosing those special pieces.

Same Dress, Different Jewellery

If you don’t feel confident enough to have your wedding party dressed differently, why not give them different jewellery instead? Each maid can wear the same dress, but change things up with a different necklace perhaps, or a different hairpiece.

To make this look work, pick one precious metal or precious stone: so for example, go for pearls across the board, but maybe have one maid with a single string of pearls, one with a double string, one with a large singular pearl on a pendant etc.

It may well be that some of your maids own heirloom pearls which they wore on their wedding day, or which were handed down to them. If so, why not encourage them to wear them on your big day and offer to have them restrung and cleaned as a gift from yourself? Use reputable local jewellers that carry out repairs on the premises for such work.

Jewellery to Suit a Personality

Want some playful aspects as part of your big day? Why not choose jewellery to suit each maid’s personality? From playful chunky costume jewellery for some, through to more delicate but meaningful pieces for others, choose something that your bridesmaid will love and they’ll treasure it beyond your wedding day.

Colourful Bridesmaids

Remember that if you are having your wedding party dressed in different colours, you’ll need matching jewellery for your bridesmaids. Opt for a bright glass pendant or precious stone on a simple delicate necklace chain for an elegant, understated look.

And it’s not Just About the Necklace…

And it’s not just about necklaces, either. If you have a bridesmaid that tends to wear statement earrings, but lets her neck go bare, choose her some earrings that she’ll love. Perhaps you’ve got a maid that loves to stack bracelets: if so, choose some delicate bracelets that she can do the same with on your wedding day.

By choosing jewellery to suit your bridesmaids, you’ll have a very happy wedding party, which will in turn help you to have a very happy wedding day. If you’re not sure where to start, why not pop into Hainault based EK Jewellers? Wedding parties in nearby Ilford, Gidea Park and Barkingside can all benefit from some expert knowledge on mix and match bridesmaid jewellery.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.