Jewellery Ideas for Milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays call for a gift which is a little bit special. Yes, you can buy edible gifts, or a bottle of champagne, or perhaps send flowers, and whilst these things are lovely, they are also rather temporary. When it comes to meaningful, special and lasting milestone birthday gift ideas, there’s only one way to go… jewellery.

Is jewellery a good birthday gift?

Jewellery is always a good birthday gift, but never more so than when it’s a milestone birthday. 16th birthdays, 18th birthdays, 40th birthdays…they should all be celebrated in style, and this means they ought to have a special gift to go with it. Jewellery is a great choice for milestone birthdays as it can be a really meaningful gift, especially if you choose a piece which has some sentimental meaning behind it.

This could mean choosing a piece of personalised jewellery for a milestone birthday which includes the recipient’s birthstone within it, or having a special message engraved on it. Regardless of the type of milestone birthday jewellery you choose, if it includes something significant to you or the recipient as part of the design, then it will be meaningful and will make a great birthday gift.

Jewellery ideas for 16th birthday gifts

Sweet 16 is a special milestone birthday, as it’s the first one which starts to feel grown up. With this in mind, buying a piece of milestone jewellery for a 16th birthday is a great idea, especially if it’s a slightly more expensive piece than the recipient might buy for themselves, as it will make them feel like the young adult that they are.

Great jewellery ideas for 16th birthdays include charm bracelets. As 18th and 21st birthdays come around quickly on the back of a 16th birthday, as do other life milestones such as passing your driving test or starting university, your gift recipient will be able to build their charm collection up quickly.

Jewellery ideas for 18th birthday gifts

18th birthdays are all about true adulthood. With this in mind, why not buy a slightly more grown up piece of jewellery? This could be an understated and classy pair of stud earrings, for example, or a delicate necklace. Make sure it’s something a little special – perhaps their first diamonds – so that when they wear the piece on future special occasions, they are reminded of their 18th birthday.

Designer jewellery also goes down well at this age, so ask your local jeweller which brands of designer jewellery they stock and would advise for this age.

Jewellery ideas for 21st birthday gifts

By age 21, we’re really starting to know our own personalities and tastes. With this in mind, why not push the boat out a little and go for something a little less understated and a little more in keeping with the recipient’s personality? This could be something funky, and costume jewellery often fits the bill in this respect.

But if you want to go for something more sentimental and special, why not ask your jeweller to create a piece of personalised jewellery for a 21st birthday? This could mean using gemstones that you know the recipient would love, or a design which incorporates their interests. A 21st birthday is also a good chance for a bit of sparkly, so don’t shy away from the bling if you think the recipient would love it.

Jewellery ideas for 30th birthday gifts

For many people, as they hit their 30th birthday, they are often at a stage in life when they need to be a little more practical. Perhaps they’re knee deep in their career, or raising small children. Either way for many 30th birthdays, if you’re buying jewellery, we’d recommend pieces which can be worn every day.

This could be a small pair of stud earrings, but if you want to go for something a little different, how about a watch? Both men and women love watches as milestone birthday gifts, and they’re usually quite a serious piece of jewellery but one which you can give a fun twist to if you know that your recipient would like something with a bit of personality.

Ask your jeweller about their collection of watches, and whether you can change up the watch bands on them if you have something a little unusual in mind.

Jewellery ideas for 40th birthday gifts

When it comes to 40th birthdays, by this point in their lives many people know what they want and go out and get it. If you’re buying for a 40th birthday therefore, think about what the recipient likes to wear, and what their style calls for.

If they tend to always wear dainty pieces, buy something in a similar vein which isn’t too bold as a milestone birthday gift. If they’re more whacky and love bright colours, don’t shy away from costume jewellery, as this may well suit their taste better.

Also take a look at vintage pieces for 40th birthdays, as many 40 year olds appreciate the value and sentimentality in pieces which have history behind them, so don’t shy away from these pieces.

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