Jewellery Repairs: Frequently Asked Questions

Our jewellery is precious to us. It is often acquired with sentimental value attached, and so, if one of our precious pieces breaks, it’s easy to worry about what will happen to it if it undergoes a jewellery repair.

Similarly, as jewellers, we find that we are often asked myriad questions regarding jewellery repairs in Loughton from local customers. So, with this in mind, we thought we’d compile the most frequently asked questions concerning jewellery repairs:

My white gold has lost its shine. Can jewellery repair help?

Bringing the lost lustre back to white gold jewellery is one of the easiest jewellery repairs. Loughton residents often bring their white gold jewellery to us, EK Jewellers, where we reapply the rhodium plating to give it back that white-silver shine.

My ring has lost some of its stones. Can a jewellery repair service bring it back to life?

Yes, of course, we can find stones which either matched the original lost stones, or if you’d prefer us to give your piece a fresh look, we can incorporate new, complementing stones. 

As part of our jewellery repair service, we’ll also check any existing stones to make sure that they’re not loose – we don’t want you losing any more of those gems!

I’m worried about my pearls. Can jewellery repairs in Loughton help to secure them?

Pearls are an investment, and if you’re worried about the thread of yours breaking, jewellery repairs in Loughton can help. We are happy to check pearls and restring them for you, a specialist technique which should only be undertaken by an expert. You’ll be able to wear your pearls with pride again in no time!

How often should I undertake rhodium plating / pearl restringing and other jewellery repairs?

This question is difficult to answer, as a lot of jewellery repairs come about due to natural wear and tear. However, pearls should be checked periodically, about once a year on average, to prevent breakage occurring, and white gold jewellery should be polished and have its rhodium re-plated every two to three years.

If you’re worried about any of your pieces, you can always bring them in to EK Jewellers, We carry out jewellery repairs on the premises, so we’d be happy to check over your precious pieces and will advise if work is needed.

What’s the importance of carrying out jewellery repairs on the premises?

If you’re sentimentally attached to your jewellery, you’ll understand the importance of local jewellers who carry out jewellery repairs on the premises. Rather than risking your jewellery being sent in the post, your pieces can be brought back to life in the safety of you local jewellery shop.

For jewellery repairs on the premises, Loughton residents regularly turn to EK Jewellers. We can carry out all sorts of repairs on site, from pearl restringing and rhodium plating, to polishing out scratches, fixing broken chains and resetting stones.

What’s more, certain jewellery repairs can even be carried out while you wait, such as watch battery changes and strap repairs. We’ll keep all of your treasured items on site at all times, and will give them our utmost care and attention, making them look as good as new in no time. 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.