Jewellery Repairs you Shouldn’t Ignore

Many of us are guilty of not maintaining our possessions in perhaps the way we should, particularly if they are things that we use or wear regularly, and therefore can’t bear to be apart from them for the time it takes to repair them.

Jewellery is something that we often put on the back burner when it comes to repairs. Sometimes this is because we don’t realise the damage we’re doing, and at other times it’s because we don’t want to be parted from our special pieces.

This is why we’d always advise using a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises. Barkingside and Ilford customers, amongst others, should be aware of the main jewellery repairs you shouldn’t ignore:

1.  Pearl Restringing

If you frequently wear your pearls or other beaded necklaces or bracelets, be aware that you should have them restrung on a regular basis to prevent the string breaking, and potential loss of pearls or beads.

How often you have this done depends on the condition and amount of wear that your pearls have had. For example, you might want to have them restrung purely because the string has become grubby, and replacing the string will bring them back to life.

Alternatively, you may have noticed the string becoming flimsy and longer over time, which is usually a sign that it won’t hold out much longer.

Either way, it’s a good idea to have your pearls restrung before the string actually breaks; anyone that’s had a necklace break whilst out and about knows how difficult it is to recover all of your precious pearls when they bounce all over the place!

2.  Loose Stones

It’s a good idea to check any precious stones within your jewellery on a regular basis. Gently use your fingernail to check whether there’s any movement in the stones, and if there is, don’t ignore it.

Take your jewellery along to a local jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises. Woodford customers, for example, can have the stones reset by EK Jewellers to prevent expensive – not to mention sentimental – stone loss before the event occurs.

3.  Broken Clasps

If you have a necklace or bracelet with a clasp that is sticking – i.e. is stiff when you try to close it – take it your jewellery for a replacement clasp now. If you continue to wear the piece with the broken clasp, you will run the risk of losing it if it accidentally comes undone.

Whatever the repair, for jewellery repairs on the premises, Chigwell residents can bring their special pieces to EK Jewellers. As we carry out all repairs on site, there’s no risk of your precious piece becoming lost in transit, which can be the case with jewellers that ship pieces off site for repairs. You won’t regret having jewellery repaired early, or on site!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.