Luxury Watch Trends Anyone can Wear

Watches are a collector’s paradise, and are often seen as a real treat or a luxurious item. Of course, there are some timepieces with a hefty price tag attached, but if you don’t have a huge budget, you can still take inspiration from some of the trends currently emerging in high end timepieces.

Whether you’re in the market for a completely new watch, or just a new watch battery, Ilford based timepiece lovers can take inspiration from these luxury trends.

The Blues

The catwalks have recently seen a huge push towards blue watch faces. And we can see why: blue watch faces definitely wouldn’t give us the blues! Anything from electric blue to navy is in fashion, but for something which has a high end feel we’d advise a darker blue - either a royal or a navy blue - with a matching leather watch band. This will give a seamless look and a luxurious feel.

The Right Angle

Square and angular watches are making a splash at the moment. Angles have a really modern feel, and can really make the face of your watch stand out, if, for example, you choose a black watch band and a gold rectangular watch face.

Of course, square and rectangular watches have been in fashion in the past, and consequently, it might just be that your timepiece needs a little revamp. For a new watch band or a new watch battery Hainault watch owners can visit their local jeweller who will give their watch an update on the premises, meaning that there’s no risk of the watch face being lost in transit.

Slimming Down

Although watch faces have become larger and have changed shape in recent years, in the luxury market they have also slimmed down to give a flatter profile against the wrist. Visit your local jeweller and ask if you can try on some of their watches before purchasing. By doing so, you can choose one which has a much flatter face to give it a high end look.

No matter what your budget, your local jeweller will have a range of in stock watches. You can certainly ask them about emerging trends in the luxury market, and try to incorporate these into your watch style.

Similarly, whether you’re in the market for a completely new watch, or would just like your time piece serviced, given a new band or a new watch battery Ilford based watch lovers can visit E.K. Jewellers. We stock a variety of new watches and are also able to service and revamp watches on site. Pop in and see how we can give you a luxurious time.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.