More Summer Jewellery Trends for 2022

There are so many great summer jewellery trends for 2022 around that we’re absolutely brimming with excitement and enthusiasm for this year’s pieces of jewellery! And who can blame us? With long, sunny days and plenty of social events back on the calendar, it’s worth getting dressed up, looking our best, and enjoying what the summer has to offer. So without further ado, here are more summer jewellery trends for 2022.

Colour blocking

Colour is big at the moment, and as much as it’s a trend for spring / summer 2022 wardrobes, it’s also one of the big jewellery trends for this season too. The shops are stocking fuchsia pink and electric blue blazers with matching shorts and trousers, and jewellery is also likely to be colourful for summer 2022.

How about brightly coloured discs on wire drop earrings? Yes, they may be very eighties-sounding, but actually this style of jewellery is very much of the now and complements the brightly coloured clothes in the shops perfectly.

Flower jewellery

Flower jewellery has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years and is perfect for the summer months. Real flowers enclosed in resin is one of the big handmade jewellery trends 2022, so by choosing a piece of real flower handmade jewellery, you’ll not only have a piece made specifically for you, but you’ll also be right on trend.

Ask your local jeweller about flower necklaces, or charms for charm bracelets, and remember that by layering such pieces together over a pretty dress, you can give yourself a really boho, feminine feel to your everyday look.

Chunky gemstones

Summer 2022 really is all about colour, and chunky, colourful gemstones fall well within this year’s jewellery trends 2022 for the UK.

Large gems in bright colours such as topaz or tourmaline are perfect to add a splash of vibrancy to an outfit, and opaque style gems in bold colours are also set to make a statement. Think of gems such as amazonite or agate for this look, and make a statement but with a boho, summer feel to it.

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We are really enjoying the many summer jewellery trends around and can advise on which ones will work with your sense of style and your personality, as well as help you to mix things up and try new pieces if you so wish. Pop in store today for more jewellery trends for spring / summer 2022.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.