Movie Magic or Movie Madness? Jewellery Inspired by the Silver Screen.

You may have seen the Harry Potter inspired Golden Snitch engagement ring doing the rounds on popular social media sites of late. Made of a golden topaz stone set in a silver band, textured to look like the Snitch’s wings, it’s being billed as the perfect engagement ring for Harry Potter fans.

But is movie inspired jewellery something that you’d be tempted by? Or is this a genre of jewellery that a fan may want today but will grow out of tomorrow? There’s certainly a wise way of choosing this sort of piece.

You may not think that jewellery modelled on films would be something that you’d come across in the shop of a jeweller in Ilford, but remember that you can have pieces custom modelled for you. Here’s how to pick movie inspired pieces wisely:

Think About your Style over your Obsession

We all have movies that we love, that we’ve perhaps seen a few too many times, and which we are word perfect on! Whilst it’s great to be a fan, if you want to choose a piece of jewellery which will show your love for the film but stand the test of time, you need to think about your style.

For example, there’s no point in buying a beautiful diamond and sapphire necklace based on Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean if you’re more of a boho girl, and simply don’t wear classic pieces. Instead, opt for something based on the original piece but which suits your style better. How about a chunky oversized heart on a long pendant, for example?

Ask your jeweller in Ilford to create a piece which is in the same vein as the movie piece you’re coveting, but which is more suited to your style.

Subtly Does It

Remember that jewellery based on the silver screen can be done subtly. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s Carrie nameplate necklace? Why not opt for something such as this, which very definitely comes from a film, but is a little less in your face?

And if you do want to go all out...

...then what’s to stop you?! If you are a movie buff, and are proud to wear your film fandom on your sleeve – or round your neck, or on your finger! – then go for it!

Remember that what separates true fans from lesser fans is your attention to detail; if you’re asking your jeweller in Ilford to create a custom piece, make sure you get the minutiae right. Take pictures with you if necessary, and talk through your ideas. With the help of your jeweller you too can create movie magic!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.