New Year Jewellery Repair Resolutions

We’re all guilty of not looking after things as well as we should at times, and our jewellery is no exception to this.

How often do we take off our jewellery at the end of a long day and chuck it into a jewellery box? How often do we ignore the fact that our stones are loose within their settings? How often do we leave broken pieces of jewellery languishing in a drawer unloved?

Well, if you’re as guilty of these things as many of us are, here are a few New Year jewellery repair resolutions you can keep with the help of your local jeweller:

Check your Jewellery Regularly

Giving your jewellery a regular once over is a simple thing that you can do to help keep your jewellery in good condition. Check to see if any stones are coming loose, look for broken links or those that could break shortly, and check strung necklaces for any signs of wear and tear. Similarly, have a look at any rhodium plated jewellery to see if it needs dipping.

If you do identify any potential problem areas, take your jewellery to a local jeweller to get their professional opinion on whether repairs should take place.

Repairs on the Premises

Of course, when you do decide to have a piece of jewellery repaired, it’s important to make sure that you use a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises.

The importance of doing so lies in the fact that if you use a jeweller that sends pieces away for repair, you run the risk of your precious pieces being lost during transit. Even if the jeweller is insured for such a loss, it won’t replace that sentimental piece of jewellery which may not have cost the earth but is priceless to you.

Ask for Documentation

Remember to always ask for a receipt for your jewellery, and make sure that your jeweller notes any features of the piece. Point out to them the likes of hallmarks, and you may wish to ensure that you have a note of any stone inclusions before handing your jewellery over for repair.

Cost Effective Repairs

Nowadays you may be shocked to hear that repairing jewellery isn’t always as cost effective as we might imagine. Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy something new. A good jeweller will always advise you of this if this is the case.

But of course, there is no price on sentimentality, so if it’s a piece that you love and which holds special meaning for you, then it will always be worth getting repaired. Ask for a written quotation up front as to the cost of the work so that there are no nasty surprises when you receive the bill.

No matter what you require, making sure you have some resolutions in place is important when it comes to jewellery repairs. Ilford, Barkingside and Chigwell residents can rest assured that their jewellery resolutions are fulfilled by visiting EK Jewellers. We carry out all repairs on the premises, so you can be satisfied that with our experience and expertise, we’ll have your jewellery looking like new again in no time at all.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.