New Year, New Start for your Jewellery

New Year is traditionally the time to look to the future. But all of our futures are shaped by our past, and as much as it can be fun to start afresh with a new look this January, you don’t have to automatically discard the old.

If you own a piece of jewellery which has seen better days, don’t discard it. Instead, why not think about undertaking some New Year jewellery repairs? Ilford residents can be in with the old this New Year by bringing their jewellery to EK Jewellers!

Restoring Sparkle

In the lacklustre winter months after Christmas, it’s nice to be able to add a bit of sparkle into our everyday lives. Why not start by having your white gold jewellery re-rhodium plated? This will restore the white-silver look of your white gold, making it look as good a new, ready for the new year ahead.

Similarly, if you’ve got a piece which is missing some stones, remember that through EK Jewellers’ jewellery repairs, Ilford based customers can have these replaced, making the jewellery is ready to wear again.

Fixing Breakages

You may think that if you’ve got a necklace or bracelet with a broken link it’s beyond repair. This isn’t the case, and is something that we offer as part of our service of jewellery repairs. Ilford residents are often surprised to realise that their pieces are wearable again!

Furthermore, we offer a service of pearl restringing. Why not overhaul your jewellery ready for the new year and make sure that your pearls, gemstones or glass beads are securely strung, rather than risk losing them?

Remodelling the Old

Don’t forget that jewellery repairs aren’t just about bringing pieces back to life through fixing them; often pieces work better for their owners with a spot of remodelling.

If you’ve got a piece which is outdated, or have inherited a piece which is simply not to your taste, why not have it remodelled at the start of the year, and get many further years’ worth of joy out of it?

Servicing Timepieces

Never are we more reflective on time than at New Year, so don’t forget to have your timepiece serviced. Maybe you need to have your watch repaired, or perhaps just require a new battery or watch strap. Whatever the problem, you can trust EK Jewellers to put it right.

No matter what you require, New Year is an excellent time to carry out those jewellery repairs. Ilford residents have trusted us for over 36 years to bring their precious pieces back to life, so start the year afresh, not with the new, but by renewing the old. 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.