New Year, New Watch Resolutions

If you were lucky enough to receive a new watch for Christmas, it’s important that from the very beginning it is well looked after. If you treat your timepiece to a little TLC, it will work wonders for you and will tick along nicely for years to come.

So out with the old and in with the new watch battery? Ilford and Woodford based watch lovers, take note of these New Year new watch resolutions, and visit E.K. Jewellers for all of your timepiece TLC needs.

This Year I Shall: Store my New Watch Correctly

Obviously, we hope that for the most part, you’ll be wearing your new watch. However, there are always occasions when you won’t be wearing it – for example, if you’re partaking in an activity which isn’t watch friendly, or if you have more than one watch in your collection – and it’s best to store it correctly when not being worn.

This could mean keeping the original case it came in when purchased, as this will have been designed specifically for your timepiece. Alternatively, you can get specific watch storage boxes and inserts for drawers, if you want to store more than one watch together.

Remember that all watches should be adequately insured, and potentially stored in a safe when not being worn if they are particularly valuable or sentimental. If you need your watch valued for insurance purposes, local jewellers across Ilford, including E.K. Jewellers, can value the piece for you ready to approach your insurers for a quote.

This Year I Shall: Buy a New Watch Band

New watches probably won’t need a new watch band for a while, but if for any reason your watch strap does break, or if you have an old timepiece which you’d wear again if only it had a new watch band, this is the year to rectify this situation. Local jewellers will not only be able to give you a new watch battery, Woodford and Ilford jewellers also stock watch bands and can change a band for you quickly and easily on site.

This Year I Shall: Have my Watch Serviced Regularly

Towards the end of this year, you may decide to have your watch serviced as part of your ongoing resolution to look after your new timepiece. Watches generally ought to be serviced every one to two years, so after a little wear time, you may wish to enquire about a service.

A watch service may include a clean and any necessary repairs or replacements to the mechanism, and of course it may be time to get a fresh watch battery. Hainault customers looking for a watch service can visit E.K. Jewellers for this service, as we can service watches on site with no risk of loss during transit of your precious timepieces.

This Year I Shall: Replace a Watch Battery

Is it time that you thought about a changing a watch battery? Maybe you were given a heirloom watch at Christmas which requires a watch battery to get it ticking over again, or perhaps another timepiece in your collection needs you to replace a watch battery. Gidea Park and Ilford based customers can pop along to E.K. Jewellers for this service. We can quickly change a watch battery on site, so don’t let a new watch battery stop you from enjoying your timepiece!

No matter what resolution you need to follow for your watch this year, pop into E.K. Jewellers. We can do everything from a complete service to a new watch battery. Woodford and Ilford watch lovers have trusted us with their timepieces for many years; isn’t it time you did too?!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.