Pretty Jewellery Ideas Reminiscent of Spring Blossom

Every year, pretty blossom on the trees heralds the arrival of spring. As the daffodils trumpet the spring months ahead, the trees turn an appealing array of white and pink and many of us in turn start to reach for the florals in our wardrobe. And what better than a piece of flower jewellery to go with it? If you’re after a spring blossom pendant or perhaps a pair of spring blossom stud earrings, look no further than the handmade jewellery on offer from your local jeweller.

Enchanting spring earrings

Earrings are a great way to incorporate some florals into your look in a very subtle way. Tiny flowers as spring blossom stud earrings are delicate and pretty, and perfect if you just want to give a little nod to the season. They also won’t overwhelm your outfit, so you could even go for an all-out floral tea dress, for example, and top it off with simple blooms in your ears.

For an alternative and slightly bolder look, why not opt for a piece of cherry blossom jewellery? Ask your local jeweller if they can create a piece of bespoke jewellery for you in the form of an ear vine which winds its way up your ear. Ask about adding some tiny pink gemstones such as rose quartz for a little bit of that fabulous pink cherry blossom colour. 

Pretty spring pendants

The great thing about flower pendants is that they can be any size as required. Want something dainty and delicate? Ask your jeweller to create a tiny blossom pendant for you. After something a little bolder? Ask your local jewellery shop if they can create one large bloom on a chain.

If you ask them to create a piece of handmade jewellery in a large format, you will have more scope to add details, such as the stamen, inside. These could even be created in a different colour or metal to make them stand out; perhaps silver petals with gold stamen.

As an alternative spring blossom necklace, why not ask your jeweller if they can create either a choker or a long chandelier style necklace using delicate pink seed pearls? This type of necklace will add the final flourish to a simple spring outfit.

Blooming spring bracelets

You can often go to town with a bracelet, simply because they tend to take a step back from the rest of your outfit.

With this in mind, why not ask your jeweller if they can create a bespoke jewellery piece which consists of several flowers which wind their way around your wrist? When it comes to spring blossom jewellery ideas, this is a great way of wearing a bold piece without it overwhelming your entire outfit.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.