Repair your Man’s Jewellery this Father’s Day

It has come to our attention of late that – dare we say it – the gentlemen of this world just aren’t as careful with their jewellery as the ladies tend to be with theirs.

This isn’t always the case, of course, and we don’t mean to tar every gent with the same brush, but if you know of someone that has recently broken some of their jewellery, we’ve got an idea for you!

Why not surprise your loved one this Father’s Day by having his favourite jewellery repaired? Here’s how:

Wedding Ring Resizing

Many men find that after a certain amount of time they’re no longer able to wear their wedding bands because of weight loss or weight gain. If this is your husband, why not have their ring resized for their Father’s Day Present?

It’s a relatively simple procedure in terms of jewellery repairs. Hainault customers can pop along to EK Jewellers to have their rings resized, and we can also fix rings that have split because of metal wear or weight gain.

Broken Watch Straps

Watches are often given as sentimental presents in the first place, and so it’s really disappointing when a watch strap breaks or the watch itself stops working altogether.

There’s often a simple explanation as to why a watch isn’t working, so if your dad has a beloved timepiece that is no longer working, take it to your local jewellers for a service, and hopefully it will be working again in no time.

Similarly, new watch straps and batteries are easy to fit but are often jobs that are put on the bottom of the to do list; why not have your dad’s watch strap or battery replaced therefore so that they can wear their special present again?

Repairs to Heirloom Pieces

For real brownie points this Father’s Day, if your Dad or Husband has got an heirloom piece that has seen better days – perhaps one which was passed down to him by their father – why not have it repaired so that they can enjoy it again?

Sometimes all a piece needs is a simple clean; other times a ring may need resizing slightly, or gold chains may need a broken link replaced, for example.

Whatever you need doing, for all jewellery repairs, Hainault customers can bring their gents’ broken pieces to EK Jewellers this Father’s Day, and we’ll have them looking as good as new in no time!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.