Revive an old Watch for an Extra Special Christmas Gift

Watches are hugely sentimental gifts. Often given for special occasions, sometimes engraved with a special message, they are important pieces of jewellery for many of us. And if you have an heirloom timepiece, no doubt that will hold extra special meaning and memories of the original owner. Have you thought about gifting an heirloom watch this Christmas? Here are a few ideas – which could be as simple as a new watch battery or strap – for reviving an old watch as an extra special Christmas gift.

Gift an Heirloom Watch

If you have a watch which you are intending to pass down the generations, or you have a watch which was left to you or given to you with the intention that you pass it down to someone when the time is right, is there a more special Christmas gift that you could give?

It may be that you need to spruce up the watch before it’s handed down, or perhaps you know that in its current format it won’t be your intended recipient’s style. If that’s the case, take it to your local jeweller for a new watch band, perhaps a service and a new watch battery. Ilford based customers can visit E.K. Jewellers for these services. Just think of all of those lovely memories you’ll be able to revoke via the watch on Christmas morning!

Revive a Watch

Don’t think that you have to gift your recipient something which is ‘new to them’. Perhaps they already have a watch which was handed down to them but never worn because it isn’t working? Or maybe they have a watch which they used to love but which requires a new watch battery and a service to get it going? If so, why not see if you can give them the gift of a fully functioning timepiece this Christmas?

Take the watch along to your local jeweller to see if they can get it ticking again. Often all that’s required is a service, a clean and a new watch battery, and yet it provides a really thoughtful gift. You may also wish to change the watch band if you know that the owner isn’t wearing it because it’s a little dated; your local jeweller will be able to advise on what will work well with the watch’s face.

Gift an Antique Watch

Of course, you don’t have to gift a timepiece which has been handed down within your family to still give an heirloom or vintage piece. There are plenty of fully restored antique watches available to buy from your local jeweller to gift this Christmas. Many people enjoy the thought that goes into choosing an antique watch, and often you’ll find timepieces which may well be one of a kind. For those that like something a little quirky and different therefore, this is a really thoughtful gift.

Revive a watch this Christmas!

However you choose to revive a watch this Christmas, visit E.K. Jewellers to do so. Whether you’re looking for a new watch strap, a complete service or perhaps just a new watch battery, Gidea Park and Ilford based Christmas shoppers can visit E.K. Jewellers for a range of watch services and more. Pop in today to revoke some special memories in your recipient this Christmas! 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.