Rocking it: The New Engagement Ring Trend

There’s a new engagement ring trend taking the country by storm, and it’s likely to be one that suits both members of the engaged pair. It’s an out-there idea, but one which we think both men and women alike will enjoy: picking a stone to propose with, then having it set into a band at a later date!

Here’s why we love this idea:

1.  Choose the Stone

It may seem odd to just choose the stone to propose with, but we often find that the partner that is going to propose has a vague idea of what type, colour and shape of stone their intended will like. The problem, and worry, in choosing a complete ring that your fiancée would pick herself often comes in the type of band chosen.

This idea is a solution to this problem: if you know that your intended ideally would like a square cut diamond, then come in and buy a square cut diamond; just a square cut diamond, no band.

If you think they’d prefer something a little more unusual, like a round moonstone, then come in and buy one of those instead. Then use the stone in its presentation box to get down on one knee with.

If you would still like the advice of experienced jewellers, Barkingside and Ilford spouses to be can visit EK Jewellers for more help with choosing their stone.

2.  Let your Fiancée Choose the Band

Once you have rocked the proposal with your rock, and your wife-to-be has said yes, then you can choose the band and setting. This is something that you can both do together, making it highly romantic, yet still ensuring that your fiancée ends up with a ring that she really wants to wear.

Proposing with just the stone is also a great way of giving your partner a bespoke ring, but without having to design it yourself. You can both have some input in the final look of the ring, with the expert guidance of your jeweller too.

3.  Have the Perfect Ring Made!

Once you’ve decided on the design and metal for your ring’s band, it’s time to have the perfect engagement ring made! To do this, just visit any jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs. Barkingside and Ilford betrothed couples can visit EK Jewellers for this service.

It may be a little unconventional, but this is a great compromise for those would-be proposers that would like to be a little bit spontaneous and romantic but would like the reassurance that their fiancée will like the finished ring. For more ideas, feel free to visit EK Jewellers, and we’ll help you to rock that proposal.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.