Romancing the Stone: the Meaning behind your Gemstone Valentine’s Jewellery

Gentlemen: how many times a year are you accused of not being very romantic? Too many times? Well, how about, with the help of your friendly jeweller in Ilford, we set the record straight this Valentine’s Day?

Yes we know it’s easy to buy flowers or chocolates, maybe even a bottle of bubbly, but how about we help you earn real brownie points? We’re talking meaningful jewellery, and there’s nothing more meaningful or romantic than buying a piece of gemstone jewellery with a certain significance. Here are our top suggestions for Valentine’s Day:

Moss Agate

Perhaps an unusual choice for our first stone, we’ve picked moss agate for all of the new relationships out there. Moss agate is said to open up and promote new friendships, so why not show your loved one that you’re positive and hopeful about your new romance?

Moss agate is a classic stone, in a grey-green colour suitable for all age groups. Why not speak to EK Jewellers, your jeweller in Ilford, about having a custom brooch or drop earrings made, or even have moss agate beads strung like pearls?


Emerald is a very traditional stone, but did you know that it is thought to be the sacred stone of the goddess of love, Venus?

If this little nugget of information alone doesn’t win you brownie points, you can tell your loved one that the stone is known for its elegance and beauty, and promotes love, romance, and your ability to work in harmony and create unity.

Lapis Lazuli

This beautiful stone has a deep blue and gold tone, and has been worn by kings and priests for thousands of years. Its qualities promote love and faithfulness, and the Romans even believed that it was an aphrodisiac and a promoter of passion!

The stunning deep blue colour of this stone works well with all metal types, and can be mixed with other stones. Perhaps you could even team it with moss agate for double the significance.


Of course, the most romantic of all stones is the diamond. A piece of diamond jewellery at any stage of a relationship makes a big statement, and won’t go unnoticed by your girlfriend, fiancée or wife. If you’re feeling brave, why not pop the ultimate question, and ask your girlfriend to marry you, or suggest a vow renewal?

Whatever stone you opt for this Valentine’s Day, jewellery is an excellent romantic present. As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we’d be happy to steer you towards the right choice for you loved one, so pop in for a chat. Not romantic? We’ll blow that theory right out of the water!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.