Stylish, Classy, Chic: How to Elevate your Jewellery Style

Have you ever bought a piece of jewellery which at first sight you’ve fallen in love with, but on reflection or upon seeing it in a photograph you’ve decided isn’t quite the look you’re going for? If so, there are ways that you can elevate your current jewellery collection as well as things to look for when buying your next pieces. This will ensure that you get the look that you’re after.

If you’re after some pieces to elevate your jewellery look, why not pop along to your local jewellers, Woodford based fashionistas, and follow this advice to take your jewellery look from costume to classy?

From Childish to Grown Up

A sure-fire way of elevating your jewellery collection is to shift away from slightly childish pieces to achieve a more grown up look. If you’ve just finished university and are about to start your first job, or perhaps have recently become a mother and want your jewellery to grow up alongside your life, it’s time to reassess the pieces you’re choosing.

Shift away from the likes of bright colours and pastels, and cute motifs such as hearts, flowers or dolphins, and instead opt for simple, stylish pieces. You can still go for pastel colours in the form of pink pearls, but keep the overall look simple and uncluttered. Your jeweller in Woodford will be able to show you a variety of grown up pieces to help you to transform your look.

From More to Less

Less is almost always more, especially if you’re looking to take your jewellery look to the next level. So steer clear of huge chandelier earrings dripping in beads and instead opt for classy wire earrings with one simple pendant on the bottom.

Similarly, strings and strings of beads either have a hippy, bohemian vibe (perfect if you’re on a beach holiday or at a festival, not so perfect for an understated business look) or have an old-fashioned air about them. Why not switch your beads for a simple chain necklace instead?

The only time you can get away with more being more is if you’re wearing a very simple outfit. For example, a very simple, one colour evening dress with a sleek hairdo. In this instance, crystal chandelier earrings will work well, with no other jewellery elsewhere to detract from this. Therefore, if you have such an event to attend, visit your local jeweller in Woodford for advice on how to achieve a stylish look without being OTT.

From Chunky to Sleek

A great way to ensure your jewellery has a classy look and feel is to streamline it. By this we mean ditching the chunky gold jewellery – charm bracelets, thick chains, old-fashioned signet rings – and replacing it with sleek, narrow pieces instead. We’re not saying ditch yellow gold completely; jewellers Woodford wide will tell you that gold is back in. Instead, we’re saying opt for rings with a narrow band and a focus such as a large, clear stone, or a tiny, delicate gold chain of a necklace.

From Plastic to Precious

It goes without saying that if you opt for precious stones over plastic beads or crystals, your jewellery will look so much better. Choosing a piece with a very simple setting will also make the piece look much chicer.

If you’re looking for simple ways to elevate your jewellery to the next level of stylishness, classiness and sophistication, why not pop into E.K. Jewellers? Woodford based jewellery lovers can pop in to see how we’d advise that you style up your jewellery collection. We’re just a short hop away from Woodford and happy to hop your jewellery up to the next level, too!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.