Summer 2021 Jewellery Trends to Watch

Summer is finally here and with it we’ve dug our summer wardrobe out of its winter storage and are ready to embrace all that the warmer weather has to offer. So how about updating your summer jewellery wardrobe with the latest trends to go with it? If you’re a little out of the loop with regards to what is hot in the world of jewellery this year, here are our favourite summer jewellery trends:

What jewellery is popular for 2021?

There’s a real mixture out there when it comes to summer 2021 jewellery trends, which means that there’s something for everyone to update their summer jewellery wardrobe with. From dainty seed beads and pearls through to chunky chains, and pretty charms sitting somewhere in between the two, you’ll have plenty of choice when it comes to jewellery trends this summer.

What’s more, the idea that more is more is going to be big this summer, too. So you really don’t need to confine yourself to one trend, or one type of jewellery. Go big, go bold, and show your true jewellery style in summer 2021.

Is gold jewellery in style 2021?

Gold jewellery never really goes out of style; it may become less popular in favour of silver or rose gold jewellery from time to time but good quality gold pieces never really go out of fashion and are a good investment for the future, too. Be sure to choose something timeless which suits your style and you’ll have a beautiful piece to wear for years to come.

If you want something specifically in style for this summer, then all of the jewellery trends for 2021 are big and bold, and gold is included in this: oversized chunky gold chains, for example, or big costume rings with a funky shape or a motif or even the year 2021 emblazoned on them. The bigger the better!

What type of earrings are in style 2021?

Earrings will be big for summer 2021, quite literally. They’ll also be rather solitary. Big, singular earrings are going to be one of the top summer jewellery trends. Go for an earring fashioned into a shape or design made from wire, or alternatively choose a large hoop with charms dangling from it. These should be big and colourful if you want to be particularly on trend!

These large singular earrings are a great opportunity for you to get a slice of the handmade jewellery trends 2021 has to offer, as you can speak to your local jeweller about fashioning you an earring to suit your style. What’s perfect about this is if you don’t want to go over the top bold with your jewellery, a custom piece will allow you to tone it down a little.

If you want to be on trend this summer but aren’t quite confident to go big, either go for mismatched earrings – again, your local jewellery can help you to create something handmade so that you have two mismatched earrings that complement each other – or just choose a singular earring which is slightly smaller in size. Sometimes it’s best to build up your confidence to go bold, so experiment with which summer jewellery trends work for you.

Are layered necklaces in style 2021?

Layered necklaces are still in style for summer 2021, but you may wish to think about introducing one of the key jewellery trends for 2021 in order to make the look fresh and new. This could be layering several of your chunkier chains, or necklaces made from irregular shaped pearls if you’d rather have something boho.

Don’t forget that chain necklaces can also include small charms dangling from them if you want to include all of the summer 2021 jewellery trends in one go!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.