Summer Holiday Jewellery Staples You Can’t Jet Off Without

With summer holidays in full swing and many of us preparing to jet off on our travels, packing is high on many people’s agendas. Choosing that holiday wardrobe is an exciting part of any holiday, and jewellery shouldn’t be left out of this. There are certain summer holiday jewellery staples that you won’t want to leave behind this summer. So, here are our favourite pieces of resort wear jewellery for your summer holiday look.

Summer necklaces

Necklaces are always a staple piece of jewellery and can dress up any piece of summer wardrobe wear. When it comes to summer necklaces, staples must include bold beads and even bolder colours. Go chunky with a statement beaded necklace in bright shades or opt for strands and strands of seed beads in bright colours.

Boho necklaces are perfect beach jewellery, and if you opt for costume beach jewellery it can be worn without the worry of it being lost or tarnished whilst at the coast. These necklaces can really take a daytime dress into an evening piece, ready for cocktails on the terrace or dinner overlooking the beach once the day’s activities are over.

Summer bracelets

When choosing summer bracelets, we say more is more. By this we mean stacking bangles or strands of bracelets can be really pretty, and there aren’t too many occasions when you can go all out with your jewellery in a mix and match fashion in the way that you can on holiday.

The key to getting it right is to mix similar styles together. This could be really slim bangles, perhaps all in the same metal, to create a bold look when stacked together. Alternatively, if you’re going down the route or strings of seed beads, wear multiple bracelets in similar tones together, some with tiny charms attached, perhaps, to add a bit of interest. These charms could even be motifs to do with summer days: tiny seashells or a miniature aeroplane, for example.

Bracelets are also a summer staple for men, too. Leather bracelets with a metal bead or column half way are always popular, and are perfect holiday jewellery for the summer months. Again, more than one bracelet can be stacked together, so long as the styles are kept similar.

Vacation earrings

If you’ve ever wanted to go bold with your earrings but you feel slightly self-conscious about doing so, on holiday is the perfect time. Large, colourful chandelier earrings are the perfect resort wear pieces, and can lift an all-white outfit, for example, into something much more fun. They can also be used to complement colourful sundresses without the need for further pieces of jewellery to complete the look; the vacation earrings themselves will be more than enough, which makes them perfect if packing light.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.