The Beginner’s Guide to Ring Resizing

In an ideal world, we would buy a ring we love, it would fit perfectly, and our ring size wouldn’t change over time. Of course, an ideal world doesn’t exist, and if you find a ring that you adore but it doesn’t fit quite as well as you’d like, what can you do about it?

Well, certain types of ring can be resized, but before you buy you should know what can be done, should you need the ring resized either now or at a future point in time. Here’s our beginner’s guide to what types of ring can be resized ...

Plain Gold or Silver Bands

If a ring is very simple, made of gold or silver, and without gemstones or decoration – such as a traditional men’s wedding band - it should be easy to resize. Bear in mind, however, that for any type of ring, most jewellers will not increase or decrease the size of the ring by more than two sizes, as it will weaken the metal.

Titanium Rings

Due to the durable nature of titanium – and tungsten and stainless steel, too – it is very difficult to alter a ring made of this metal. Similarly, non-metal bands made from the likes of resin, quartz, wood or glass cannot be remoulded and reshaped in the same way that traditional gold and silver can.

‘Basket’ Rings

A ring where a single stone is held on top in a ‘basket’ style setting should be fairly easy to resize, as the stone will not be disturbed in any way.

Stone-Set Bands

Bands with stones set into them – either in a channel down the centre of the band or where the settings are integrated into the band – are much harder to resize and often depend on the skill of the jeweller.

Stones will often need to be reset, and without the expertise of an experienced jeweller, your ring’s stones could end up looking uneven. It’s not recommended, therefore, that a ring with stones set in the band be resized by more than one size. For trusted jewellery repairs, Ilford-based customers can turn to us, EK Jewellers.

Wide Rings

Very wide cocktail style rings can be altered but are often expensive to do so. For trusted quotes on jewellery repairs, Ilford residents have been turning to EK Jewellers for over 36 years, so if you have such a ring which you’re looking to resize, feel free to pop in for a quote.

Patterned Bands

Patterned bands, regardless of the metal they’re made of, cannot be resized easily, as you’ll lose the overall look of the design.

Whatever type of ring, if you require resizing, you can turn to EK Jewellers for jewellery repairs. Ilford residents have trusted us for years to remodel, repair and resize their jewellery, so whether you just need advice on how easy it will be or whether you actually want to go ahead with an alteration, we’ll be happy to help.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.