The Choker is Back!

After years of long boho necklaces and pretty, dangly pendants, all of a sudden the jewellery world seems to be channelling the 1990s. Yes, that's right, that jewellery trend which defined the decade is back: the choker!

From big, chunky pieces through to the retro plastic 'tattoo' style necklaces, chokers were everywhere on the catwalk recently and will be big throughout the rest of the year and the remainder of the festive season too.

And whether you want to channel the look from 20 years ago or wear something completely fresh, by visiting your local jeweller, you can make this look work for you.

Dainty and Feminine

You may not associate a choker with being particularly dainty or feminine, as they usually make a bold statement. But it can be done. A fresh idea to bring the nineties' look bang up to date for 2016 is a choker made of a single, delicate snake chain, worn just above the collar bone.

This look works well for those times when you want to dress up an everyday outfit with an on-trend piece of jewellery, or even as office wear, as it gives an edge to the likes of a crisp white shirt and trouser suit.

Webs of Wonder

A webbed necklace is a key look for the choker. If you are old enough to remember the plastic fake tattoo style chokers of the 1990s, you'd be forgiven for not wanting to recreate the look! But you can achieve a grown up version of this look with a fine web-like tattoo style choker made of a precious metal.

Similarly, wider chokers of the webbed variety are also a modern take on this look, and can incorporate tiny precious stones where the webbing crosses. These types of webbed chokers are excellent as bespoke pieces of jewellery, as you can make them as intricate and as large as suits your needs. Speak to your local jeweller about the type of webbed choker you're after.

To Boldly Go

Of course, many chokers make a statement, and so bold statement pieces are bang up to date when it comes to this trend. Think bright, garish jewels set in gold, or large brushed metal cuffs. Stick to one or two colours of metal or jewels so as to not go over the top.

Bring in the Vintage

Of course, you may have an original choker lurking somewhere in the depths of your jewellery collection. If so, why not bring it up to date, by taking it to a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises?

Missing stones can be replaced, large gold or silver cuffs can be cleaned and polished, and links can be repaired. The choker trend is all about channelling the modern-vintage look, so if you've got an original piece, why not bring it back to its former glory?

For peace of mind, take your choker to a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs on the premises. Barkingside choker enthusiasts can visit nearby Hainault located EK Jewellers for this service, as can anyone in the surrounding areas, to ensure that their jewellery is in safe hands. Everyone's wearing the choker this season: why not visit your local jeweller and make a statement with yours?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.