The Eternity Ring – A Guide for Romantic Gift-Givers

What’s the most romantic piece of jewellery you could give someone? An engagement ring? A wedding ring? Well of course they are extremely romantic in their own right, but in our opinion, the most romantic piece of jewellery you could give to your other half is an eternity ring.

Are you thinking of buying an eternity ring for your loved one? You’ll find plenty of choice in eternity rings at your local jewellers. And if you’re still not sure what to go for, you’ll find out everything that you need to know about these beautiful pieces of jewellery in our handy guide.

The History of the Eternity Ring

The eternity ring actually dates back to Ancient Egypt. The circle was a powerful symbol for the ancient Egyptians. Archaeologists have found both simple and ornate rings in ancient Egyptian tombs, and their common decoration was either carvings, beads or gems the whole way around the band.

This continuous decoration around the band is still seen in most eternity rings today.

Full Eternity Rings

Most eternity rings have diamonds or gemstones around the whole of the band in a continuous line. This is the whole essence of the eternity ring; the continuous band of precious gems forming an eternal circle.

Full eternity rings are beautiful and luxurious, as well as traditional. You can either have a single row of stones or a double row of stones in a band to give it even more sparkle. And men shouldn’t feel left out either: if bling isn’t your thing, how about an eternity ring with one continued pattern around the band?

Your local jewellers can create any type of eternity ring as a bespoke piece, so discuss your requirements with them.

Half Eternity Rings

Of course, whilst full eternity rings are things of beauty, some people feel that they’re not practical for every day wear, and of course they are also more expensive. Stones on the underside of your finger can catch easily on clothing, and are at a higher risk of coming loose if they are in continuous contact with other items.

A half eternity ring is therefore seen as both more practical and comfortable. You may also wish to choose larger stones for the same price as smaller stones on a full eternity ring, as you will only need to cover the top half.

Of course, some believe that half eternity rings are less romantic than full eternity rings because of the symbolism of the circle being broken, but if you’re less sentimental about this, then this could be a good option to talk to your jewellers shop about.

When to give an Eternity Ring?

Eternity rings can be given on any romantic occasion, as there are no hard and fast rules nowadays, but traditionally they are given for special anniversaries, or on the birth of a first child.

And now for Something a Little Different…

Of course, most jewellers will stock and make eternity rings with diamonds around the band, but that’s not set in stone! If you want something a little different, then why not opt for a gemstone with some meaning behind it?

For example, why not choose a stone to symbolise a special anniversary, such as ruby, or a birthstone if you’re giving it after the birth of a child, and intersperse that with diamonds? Experienced local jewellers will be able to create something beautiful yet personal for you.

If you’d like to give the most romantic piece of jewellery to a loved one, speak to your local jewellers. Ilford romantics can visit EK Jewellers in Hainault for a full range of in-stock eternity rings and the opportunity to have your own bespoke crafted. We’ll make sure you get the most romantic gesture completely right.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.