The Future’s Bright When it Comes to Jewellery!

You’ve probably noticed that when it comes to children’s and young adult’s jewellery, the current trend is bright, bright, bright! This could be due to the past few months of summer and all of its festival fun, but equally, it could be down to the mighty Loom band craze!

Coupled with the fact that festival style bands and brightly coloured plastic bracelets are inexpensive, it’s no wonder that young people are turning to these throwaway pieces of jewellery.

But what if you’ve got a young person to buy for and would like to get them something a little less disposable and a little more special? As an experienced Jeweller in Ilford, here are our top picks for bright but beautiful children’s jewellery:

The Charm Bracelet

The ever popular charm bracelet is always a safe bet when it comes to children’s or teenager’s jewellery. As your jeweller in Ilford, we stock a range of charm bracelets, some of which are specifically aimed at children and young adults.

The Kit Heath range, for example, has brightly coloured charms in child-friendly shapes which can be added to over time – perfect for young wrists!

The Funky Watch

Watches always make great gifts, and they’re a present which doesn’t go out of fashion quickly, nor do children grow out of them easily. If you want to stick with the current trend for bright, how about opting for one of the brilliant rubber ‘jelly’ style watches?

These watches are durable, being made from a flexible rubber, and so are able to withstand the rough and tumble of a young person’s life, plus they come in a dazzling array of colours. As a longstanding jeweller in Ilford, we stock a wide range of timepieces, many of which are suitable for children and teenagers.

The Festival Style Bracelet

Festival jewellery is all the rage in the summer. Wide coloured bands that announce to all the world where you’ve been to see your favourite bands.

Of course, these are designed to be disposable, and not for long term wear. But having said that, you can buy a young person in your life something quite similar but much more durable and special: the festival style friendship bracelet.

For example, Kit Heath’s Best Friends range is a range of fabric bracelets in a variety of shades with a sterling silver heart bead. Much more durable than a grotty friendship bracelet, but still cool enough to meet with a young person’s approval. What’s more, they’re relatively inexpensive, so teenagers can buy them for their own friends, too.

As a jeweller in Ilford with more than 40 years’ experience, we like to keep ahead of the trends, and have plenty of experience in helping to pick gifts for young people. If you’re looking to make your young person’s future bright, a piece of jewellery from EK Jewellers will put you firmly in their good books!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.