The Hottest Men’s Jewellery Trends for Spring / Summer 2018

If you’re looking for a gift for the man in your life, or you are wanting to treat yourself to a new piece of men’s jewellery or simply want to update your jewellery collection, then you may well be wondering what’s on trend this spring / summer in the world of male jewellery.

Many men own or wear just one or two pieces of jewellery, and this is absolutely fine. Sometimes all you need is a new watch battery. Ilford based jewellers can help with this, no problem, but they can also help you to update your collection or choose a gift for a male recipient if needed.

And they can also help you to pick something which is one of this spring and summer’s hot trends, too!


As with many things that are trendy at the moment, upcycling is a big one in the jewellery world! Of course, the catwalk has seen all sorts of weird and wonderful objects upcycled into jewellery this season, but we appreciate that most men wouldn’t want something as ‘out there’ as those pieces seen on the catwalk!

However, have you thought about upcycling an old piece of jewellery? If you have inherited a piece of men’s jewellery which isn’t quite your style, you could have it remodelled into something which does appeal to you.

Of course, often all a watch will need to give it a new lease of life is a new watch battery! Ilford jewellers who carry out jewellery repairs on the premises will be able to remodel your jewellery into something beautiful for you, or give an old-but-favourite watch a service and a new watch battery.

Chunky Cuffs

Chunky cuff bracelets, particularly those made of leather, have been big for both men and women this year. Your local jeweller in Ilford will have a variety of chunky, masculine cuff bracelets available. Team them with a casual shirt or a denim jacket for an edgy look.

Watch bands will also be chunky this season, so if you have a watch face that you love but which is on a skinny band, why not ask your local jeweller about changing this for a thicker watch band, if possible? You’ll be surprised what a new lease of life your timepiece can acquire via a fresh band and a new watch battery. Ilford jewellers will have a large variety of watch bands available for you to choose from.

Funky Cufflinks

Cufflinks have got a little bit of personality added to them this season! We’ve seen everything from oversized button cuffs through to novelty shapes and all sorts of motifs. Unusual cufflinks can be quite fun when worn on the right occasion, although we’d advise not spending too much money on them as fashions change and the novelty sometimes wears off pretty quickly!

If you’re looking for the latest in male jewellery trends for this summer, why not pop along to E.K. Jewellers? We can advise on the hottest looks in men’s jewellery, as well as offer jewellery remodelling services and new watch batteries, all carried out on the premises.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.