The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Pearl Jewellery

Pearls have always been and will always be a classic jewellery choice. With so many different colours and pieces of jewellery available, we’re certain that regardless of what outfit you wish to accessorise or what the occasion is, there will be a pearl to suit your needs.

However, not all pearls are perfectly formed, and we say that this is a fantastic thing: after all, wouldn’t the world be boring if we were all the same?! If you fancy some imperfect pearl jewellery yourself, ask your local jeweller to assist with some bespoke jewellery options.

Branch Pearl Pendants

Branch pearls make for perfect necklace pendants or drop earrings. Their natural elongated teardrop shape makes them the ideal finish to a drop pendant. Strung on a yellow gold necklace, or even a string of round pearls, a branch pearl is the perfect natural pendant to complete such a piece.

Alternatively, how about a bracelet made of lots of branch pearls strung together, side by side? This is about as far removed from the soft, feminine look usually associated with pearls as you can get, so if you’re after something a little bolder looking or edgy using pearls, this could be it.

Versatile Coin Pearls

Coin pearls – as the name would suggest – are pearls which are relatively flat in shape. This makes them extremely versatile as jewellery pieces. Imagine the beauty of a freshwater coin pearl set into a bold ring setting, completely surrounded by platinum, for example. Alternatively, as an option for bespoke jewellery, your jeweller may be able to set earring clasps on the back of a coin pearl to create unique stud earrings.

Of course, coin pearls have traditionally been strung together into a necklace, but if you want to avoid looking and feeling a bit dated, choose pearls in warmer colours than the traditional black and white coin pearls. For example, a bright pink or a warm amber colour will lift the overall look.

Petite Potato or Rice Pearls

Although this might sound like the ingredients for a family meal, rice and potato pearls are actually some of the prettiest petite pearls on the market. Potato pearls are small, and can be a little bit lumpy or bumpy, and sometimes even a slightly square shape! Rice pearls, as the name would suggest, are like grains of rice in shape.

Both of these are perfect for long pearl necklaces, so ask your jeweller about the possibility of their pearl stringing services creating something beautifully bespoke for you.

Regardless of what type of pearl suits your style, by visiting your local jewellers,pearl lovers can enjoy pearl bespoke jewellery pieces created just for you. Here at E.K. Jewellers in Ilford we offer pearl restringing on site, either protecting precious heirloom pieces that you already own or creating brand new pearl pieces. Pearls are perfect, no matter their imperfections, so why not pop in and see how we can assist in the pearl department?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.