Thinking of Buying Jewellery Online? 3 Reasons to Visit your Jeweller instead!

Nowadays it’s so easy to buy everything we need online. From our regular grocery shop through to books, toys, clothes and everything and anything else in between, it can be bought from online retailers.

Jewellery is not exempt from this. All of your jewellery needs can be met through online shops nowadays, just as everything else can be purchased online. But that’s not to say this is recommended.

In fact, when it comes to jewellery, we’d positively advise you against buying online. Why is that? Well, here are our top three reasons:

1.  Try Before you Buy

Can you get the look and feel for a new jewellery piece from a picture on a website? To a certain extent you can, but it’s not the same as trying a piece on in an actual jeweller’s shop.

For example, you’ll be able to tell whether the diamond in your new ring is the right size for your finger, or whether the new necklace you’re looking at is the right length, not to mention that without good lighting and photography, online jewellery pictures sometimes don’t resemble the actual piece. Getting it wrong can be a costly mistake to make.

2.  Expert Advice

Nothing can quite compare with speaking to an expert jeweller about the expensive purchase you’re about to make. Of course, the internet has emails, and occasionally live chat functions, but this just doesn’t compare to the customer service you would receive in a local jewellery shop.

This is particularly useful if you aren’t quite sure on the suitability of the piece you’re looking at. If there’s something that doesn’t feel quite right about it to you, whether it’s a purchase for yourself or a gift for someone else, an experienced jeweller can help guide you towards something else that may just be perfect instead.

3.  And for Something a Little Different ...

If you’re looking for something truly bespoke, you can’t beat a visit to your local jeweller.

Beautifully handcrafted pieces can be created to your exact requirements, and if you choose to have a bespoke piece of jewellery made for you, you’ll need to discuss the design and materials at length with your jeweller; something which requires a certain amount of rapport that can’t be replicated online.

No matter what your reason for visiting your local jeweller, a visit to EK Jewellers, Ilford, will always serve you well. Why buy online when you could make use of our expertise and experience? Whether you’re after a completely unique piece or just some friendly jewellery advice, we’ll be happy to help. 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.