Three Modern Ways with a Solitaire Diamond

Diamonds are mostly associated with engagement rings. But did you know that a solitaire diamond actually makes for a contemporary jewellery statement across the board? There are a variety of ways that you can wear a solitaire diamond, with a few different pieces of jewellery which they particularly lend themselves to.


The classic way to wear a solitaire diamond is with it set in a ring. Of course, you could opt simply for a round or princess cut solitaire diamond set in prongs on a plain band, but why not mix things up a bit?

A contemporary choice for a solitaire diamond ring is a diamond set in a bezel setting, for example. This is a setting whereby the diamond is set in a rim of metal which completely surrounds the stone. It’s a modern look, and gives a smooth, sleek finish. If you’re not sure of how the finished stone setting will look, pop in to see your local jeweller in Chigwell and ask them about bezel settings.


Just like the contemporary ring option, solitaire diamonds can also be set in a bezel setting for necklaces. How about opting for rose gold to give a striking, slightly different look to your solitaire diamond necklace?

Alternatively, choose a pendant which has a solitaire set within it. A heart pendant, for example, which then has a solitaire diamond set flush inside of it is both pretty and romantic, which means that it makes an excellent choice to give to a loved one.


You can have some fun with contemporary solitaire diamond earrings. One of the most popular choices for something a little bit quirky and super modern are long oval shaped wire drops, which have a single solitaire diamond dangling from the end. These look great with both long and short hairstyles too, as they really make a statement.

If you’d like something which is still bold but not quite as dramatic, opt for slightly shorter wires drops with the solitaire included at the end, or alternatively a pretty metal ear vine, with a solitaire diamond incorporated into the design.

Remember that you can always have a piece of jewellery custom made by a trusted jeweller in Chigwell. It’s a great way of getting your solitaire diamond jewellery to look exactly how you want it to look, and you can talk to your jeweller about making your ideas become reality.

If you’re after your next piece of solitaire diamond jewellery, visit your local jeweller in Chigwell. E.K. Jewellers is just a short distance from Chigwell, and you’ll be able to find a variety of solitaire pieces available in stock, or you can have something specially commissioned for you. There are plenty of modern ways to wear the solitaire diamond. You’ve just got to find one which shines for you! 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.