Three Ways to Style Boho Jewellery yet Still Look Modern

You may have noticed that boho style jewellery has made a huge comeback ready for summer 2018. It’s a look that regularly comes around in the summer time, but you’ll be forgiven for wondering whether you’re channelling the late nineties or early noughties with all things hippy.

However, with the help of your local jeweller in Gidea Park, you can bring your boho look bang up to date. Here are three ways to style boho jewellery, yet still look modern and contemporary at the same time:

Layer Up

Any advice on boho jewellery will, at some point, mention layering your jewellery. This has always been the case, but we believe that the key to keeping it contemporary is to use jewellery of the same type and style.

So, if you’re opting for long chains, choose really delicate chains of the same colour metal in varying lengths. If there is a pendant on the end, make sure you opt for the same theme throughout, so for example, all feather motifs, or small metal birds.

Delicately Does It

Speaking of delicate chains, we think that one of the keys to making boho jewellery work as a contemporary look is to go with as delicate pieces as possible. For example, stacked bracelets have always been a staple of a bohemian look, but instead of choosing chunky beaded options worn together, choose several delicate chains worn side by side.

We love the Kit Heath Coast toggle bracelet range for exactly this style: wearing several together can give a real hippy feel but in a modern way. Kit’s Desire bangles will also work well to give the same effect, as they’re on such a narrow band. Check your jeweller in Gidea Park for their range of boho bracelets, and remember to go delicate.

Modern Footwear

Toe rings and anklets are synonymous with festival wear. But they’re also synonymous with times gone by! If you want to make a modern statement with your boho footwear, make sure that you choose a very delicate anklet, and potentially one which extends to connect with small toe rings across your entire foot.

Indeed, there is a trend in boho bridal jewellery for ‘barefoot sandals’ at the moment. These are sandals which have everything…except the sole of the shoe! They are super pretty, and are perfect for destination weddings, and with their delicate strings of pearls and fine chains, they look anything but dated.

If you’re looking to update your bohemian jewellery look, why not take a trip to your local jeweller in Gidea Park or the surrounding areas? E.K. Jewellers are based in Hainault, just a short hop from Gidea Park, and we are happy to advise on the best way to give your boho jewellery a modern boost.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.