Time to Spring Clean Your Jewellery Box?

As spring dawns and we start to change our wardrobes over to our lighter wear, now is the time to give our jewellery boxes a clear out. This often means thinking about any jewellery repairs we may need in order to wear our special pieces again.

During this spring period, if you’ve found yourself with time on your hands, why not sort through your jewellery and see what repairs are required? Regardless of whether you need stones replacing or a new watch battery, your local jeweller in Ilford can help.

Jewellery Sort-Out

Now is the time to go through your jewellery box and give it a spring clean. Be ruthless with any costume jewellery you may no longer wear, and maybe set it aside to donate to the charity shop. If you have any more expensive or sentimental pieces which have perhaps seen better days or are broken, take stock of them to see if they can be repaired.

Many pieces of jewellery can be repaired: broken links can be replaced in bracelets, clasps that have become loose can be changed and stones can be reset. Earmark these pieces as needing to go to your local jeweller. Jewellers Ilford wide will be able to undertake a huge variety of repairs, but always ensure that you use a jeweller who can carry out repairs on the premises to be certain that your precious pieces won’t be lost in transit.

Replace Watch Batteries

As part of your jewellery box spring clean, why not think about giving your watches a little bit of TLC? You could consider having a new watch band fitted if your one has become worn or scratched or having your watch battery changed. Of course, you may wish to have your watch serviced at the same time to keep it ticking over for as long as possible.

Restring Beaded Jewellery

Did you know that if the string of your beaded pieces has become a little limp and loose, you can have those pieces restrung? Sort out your pearls and any other beaded necklaces and bracelets and assess how they’re holding up. Do the beads look a little loose and the spacing too far apart? If so, set them aside ready for your local jeweller in Ilford to restring the pieces for you. The string can be tightened up and the knots in between the beads re-knotted to ensure that the string doesn’t snap, which could potentially lose your precious beads.

Clean Jewellery

Of course, some pieces of jewellery may have become tarnished or grubby. If your jewellery just needs a little bit of a spring clean, then it’s best to have this done professionally by a jeweller in Ilford too. Once again, use a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises to keep your pieces safe.

Looking for Jewellery Repairs in Ilford? Look no Further than E.K. Jewellers!

If you’ve had a spring sort out of your jewellery box and need some repairs to your precious pieces, get in touch. We can help with everything from pearl restringing to new watch batteries. Why not see how we can help with all your jewellery repairs in Ilford?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.