Tips for Preparing for a Bespoke Jewellery Consultation

If you’re thinking about investing in a piece of bespoke jewellery, you need to put some thought and preparation into the piece before you even approach your local jeweller. You’ll probably have some idea of what you want from the piece, and of course your jeweller can guide you through the bespoke design process, but having some groundwork in place when you first visit your chosen jeweller will really help the process to go smoothly.

For the best start to bespoke jewellery, Loughton customers should think about these aspects before visiting their jeweller:

1.  Go with a Budget in Mind

Do some research and speak to several jewellers before taking the plunge into your bespoke jewellery journey. If you have a rough idea in your mind how much you want to spend on your jewellery, this will help your jeweller to work towards you budget, or at the very least give you a realistic expectation from the outset of how much it will cost to create the piece.

2.  Gather your Ideas

You’ll know doubt know what type of jewellery you’d like to have made, i.e. a ring, necklace, or earrings, for example, and you may also have a vague idea of what you’d like the piece to look like. Even if you’ve got a very definite idea in your mind, it’s a good idea to gather some physical examples of ideas or designs that you like.

Take clippings from magazines, therefore, or create a Pinterest board that you can show your jeweller. Indeed, even things like photographs or sketches which mean something to you can be used in the jewellery design process.

3.  Leave Plenty of Time

Remember that it will take a little while to create your piece. Typically, a bespoke engagement ring, for example, will take:

  • 2 – 3 weeks to be designed, including amends;
  • 8 – 10 weeks manufacturing time, depending on what you are having created.

If you have a date in mind for your proposal, it’s a wedding band or a gift for a specific event, then speak to your jeweller and see how long it will take for the piece to be made, so that you can time it accordingly with your timescale.

4.  Use a Jeweller who makes Bespoke Jewellery on the Premises

By using a jeweller who creates bespoke jewellery on their premises, you’ll know that there will be no additional time to wait for shipping, nor will there be any delay if the piece is lost in transit.

Why not visit E.K. Jewellers for your bespoke jewellery? Chigwell and Loughton clients can rest assured that just a short hop away is a jeweller who creates bespoke jewellery on site. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish

Posted on by Ian Tubby.