Top 4 Easter Jewellery Gift Ideas

Have you ever thought about giving jewellery as an Easter gift? Lasting much longer than chocolate, Easter jewellery gifts are a great idea for giving something which not only stands the test of time, but which also has meaning. Whether you go for a subtle gift, or something a little more obvious like Easter bunny jewellery, here are our favourite Easter jewellery gift ideas.

1.  Egg inspired jewellery

We love the idea of giving jewellery as an alternative to chocolate. It lasts far longer and is a much healthier treat, that’s for sure! It’s also a good option for someone who cannot eat chocolate, or for those who may be watching their intake. If you’re thinking of gifting Easter themed jewellery as an alternative to chocolate, why not go for something egg inspired as a little nod towards the season?

Egg inspired jewellery may sound a little cliché and unsophisticated, but it can actually be a really elegant choice. Think of a jewel encrusted egg for a charm bracelet, for example. There are some truly sophisticated options when it comes to Easter themed jewellery.

2.  Traditional Easter Jewellery

The cross is a traditional symbol of Easter, so if you’re looking for classical Easter themed jewellery, then a crucifix necklace is a great choice. This is an especially good option if someone you know is celebrating an important birthday or a religious milestone, for example, as a cross pendant necklace is often given as a gift to celebrate other occasions, too.

With designs which are simple and dainty through to something more decorative, a traditional crucifix makes a lovely Easter jewellery gift.

3.  Spring inspired Easter jewellery

When it comes to Easter jewellery, UK based jewellery lovers can opt for something spring inspired. This is a great option if you want to give jewellery for Easter but feel like keeping it subtle.

There’s a huge trend towards real flower jewellery at the moment, too, so why not give a piece which incorporates one of the UK’s most common spring blooms?

4.  Children’s Easter jewellery

Children’s Easter jewellery can be great fun, and can make a fun gift, too. Children love this time of year and this celebration, so you can choose something a little more obvious for the children in your life.

How about small bunny studs for those with pierced ears, or a cute charm bracelet with Easter motifs dangling from it? Remember that your local jeweller will be able to tailor make Easter jewellery for the little people in your life to incorporate the exact design you’re after.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.