Traditional Sterling Silver Jewellery – Made with Love

There are many traditions that surround the world of love, and a number of them feature items of silver. It’s not too early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day, or your 2014 wedding, so why not incorporate some of these traditions into your occasions of love with sterling silver jewellery?

For handmade silver jewellery, Ilford based local jewellers will be able to point you in the right direction for producing a true token of love; pop into your local jewellery shop and see what you can create for a loved one today!

Sterling silver jewellery and traditions of love

There’s a reason that small gifts given to those we hold dear are called love tokens: they are exactly that, a small token to express our love. Throughout history, these tokens have included the likes of intricately detailed silver thimbles and silver coins.

As time has progressed, sterling silver jewellery has taken its place, including pieces like necklaces and brooches – which make the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day – through to engagement rings. Of course, the majority of contemporary engagement rings today are made from either white gold or platinum, but still with that brilliant silver shine – perfect for a 2014 proposal!

Handmade silver jewellery: perfect for Valentine’s Day

If you’d like to go back to the origins of love tokens, why not think about having a piece of sterling silver jewellery handmade? Celtic love rings originated with the Romans, but continue to be popular, so why not have a ring handcrafted in this design? 

For something more contemporary, ask your local jeweller about handcrafted silver jewellery with a modern twist. Diamond set silver jewellery – whether a brooch, pendant, earrings or a ring – continues to be popular, and nothing says permanence and longevity like a diamond.

Handcrafted silver jewellery for weddings

If you’re getting married this year, you’ll likely be looking for the perfect piece of jewellery to set off your big day outfit. Why not think about having a piece of handcrafted silver jewellery made? That way, you’ll get something which will perfectly complement your look, and is totally unique to you.

Of course, the traditional piece of silver for a wedding day is a silver sixpence to complete the ‘something old, something new’ rhyme; you could incorporate this traditional token of both love and prosperity into your wedding jewellery with a piece of handmade silver jewellery. How about a silver sixpence charm on a delicate bracelet, for example? 

When it comes to silver jewellery, Ilford based EK Jewellers will help you create the perfect token of love!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.