Useful Watch Battery Facts

Our watches are not only our timekeepers, they also often represent our investments, sentimentality, our style and may even be part of a collection of watches. It’s important therefore to recognise the significance of a good watch battery.

There’s more to a watch battery than meets the eye. Many different aspects of the battery matter when it comes to watches. Here are just a few facts that you may not have known about watch batteries:

Size Matters

Watch batteries aren’t ‘one size fits all’. In fact, they come in around sixty different sizes, albeit all in cell format (the circular, flat batteries). Ensuring that you use the right one is vital.

This is why it’s so important to visit a professional jeweller should you need a new watch battery. Ilford and Hainault based watch owners can pop along to EK Jewellers, as we stock a variety of watch batteries in varying sizes.

Material Matters

Most modern watch batteries are made from silver oxide battery technology, as this is the most efficient material for squeezing power into a condensed space such as a watch battery.

Many watches also use alkaline batteries, and whilst they’re cheap and environmentally friendly, they won’t last as long as silver oxide batteries.

Mercury Watch Battery Replacement

Very old watch battery technology used mercury batteries. As mercury is toxic, it’s no longer used in watch batteries. If your timepiece is an heirloom over 50 years old, it may well run on mercury technology.

To be on the safe side, take any antique watches to an experienced jewellery when they require a new watch battery. Chigwell and Loughton watch owners, for example, can bring their timepiece to EK Jewellers. Some older watches only run on the outdated mercury technology, but often a silver oxide battery can be used instead. We’ll advise how best to proceed with a replacement battery for an old timepiece.

Don’t Mistake a Button Battery for a Watch Battery

Many people make the mistake of using common button or coin cell batteries designed for calculators, toys, computers and hearing aids in their watches. While they will work, they’re not really recommended for use in watches.

Instead of attempting a DIY job on your watch battery, always consult the professionals. For a new watch battery, Loughton watch owners can bring their timepiece to EK Jewellers, and we’ll make sure that it’s replaced with a suitable battery which will give you the longest life possible from your watch.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.