Valentine’s Day 2017: Beautifully Designed, Beautifully Romantic

There’s nothing new in giving jewellery for Valentine’s Day. When it comes to Valentine’s Day 2017, however, this year’s jewellery is beautifully designed and beautifully romantic, all with a modern twist.

Wondering what you can give as the ultimate gesture of stylish romance this Valentine’s Day? Here’s a guide to what’s rocking the world of romance this year from the jewellers in the know:


Lockets may be seen to be old fashioned, but they’ve actually made a resurgence this year. Don’t opt for the classic engraved version in gold or silver, however; a modern twist on this classic is a very plain oval locket with an enamel front in a pastel shade.

If opting for a pink enamel finish, why not team it with a rose gold chain for the ultimate in a romantic look?


Charm bracelets are always a good bet as a romantic present, as the charms can be distinctive to you and your relationship. Don’t choose a link bracelet, however; instead pick a flat narrow bangle to give it a modern edge.

You can have bangles engraved with a special message to make the bracelet totally unique to you and your loved one. If you’d like to go about doing so, speak to a team of experienced jewellers at your local jewellery shop to see what you could achieve.

And as for charms? Well why not pick a key and a heart, perhaps in contrasting metal or perhaps in the same metal, to symbolise your giving of the key to your heart?

Open Rings

The giving of a ring is obviously the ultimate sign of romance, but this year why not give something a little different with an open ring? An open ring is one which doesn’t close in a complete circle but instead just wraps around the finger and leaves a small opening at the top.

You could finish each end with a heart shape rather than the usual ball to add a romantic feel to the ring. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for in the shops, speak to your local jewellers about having something created bespoke for you.

Multiple Hearts

And if all else fails to set your heart racing, opt for the simple heart pendant. To make it a bit different to the usual heart pendant why not choose a multiple heart design?

Either choose two hearts intertwined – either in the same or complementing metals – with both of your names on or, if you are a family of more than two, all of your family member’s names? This would make a lovely first valentine’s present for a new mother.

No matter what jewellery gift you opt for this Valentine’s Day, all the gift ideas you need can be found at your local jewellers. Loughton, Woodford and Barkingside gift givers, why not take a trip to EK Jewellers in nearby Hainault? Whether you opt to have something made bespoke, or choose from the ready-to-wear range, you’ll find something beautiful for your Valentine. 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.