Vintage Watch Enthusiast? Here’s how to Make Old Watches as Good as New!

If you’re a vintage watch enthusiast, we’d like to bet that you have several timepieces which languish in a drawer unworn. Why are we so confident in this bet? Well, we see time and time again that people love vintage watches, but more often than not, they’ve lost the will to tick.

Sometimes all it takes is a new watch battery. Woodford customers can easily source these at their local jewellers. But if you need a little bit more than that? Take it to a jeweller who carries out watch repairs on the premises to get it ticking over again!

Watch Sizing and New Watch Bands

Quite often, the thing holding you back from wearing your new-for-you vintage timepiece is the band. Watch bands go through a lot of wear and tear, but the good news is that they are often easily replaced.

You may well want to keep the band in the style of the vintage watch face. However, if it’s actually the style of the band that’s stopping you from wearing it, you could of course choose something entirely different. Visit your local jeweller in Woodford or the surrounding areas to choose from their large range of in stock watch bands.

Similarly, a good local jeweller will also easily be able to resize a metal link watch band, so ask about this service if you have a retro watch which is too big or too small for your wrist.

New Watch Batteries

Of course, a new watch battery is often required in order to get a vintage watch ticking. It’s always a good idea to take your timepiece to a jeweller who carries out watch battery replacements on the premises, and who also has specialist knowledge of the best type of battery for your watch. When it comes to a new watch battery, Woodford vintage enthusiasts can take their retro timepieces to E.K. Jewellers.

Servicing and Polishing

It may well be that your retro timepiece needs a full service to get it going again. If so, take it to a jeweller who can complete the service on their premises. This will mean that there’s no risk of your timepiece being lost during transit to the service centre.

Many jewellers who carry out a service on site will also be able to clean or polish your vintage timepiece professionally and in a suitable manner so as not to damage the watch. A good sparkle may be all you need to be ready and willing to wear the watch again!

If you’ve got a vintage timepiece or two that you’d love to be wearing, speak to E.K. Jewellers. For everything from a complete service through to a new watch battery, Woodford watch lovers can gain our expert advice and service. We are just a short hop away from Woodford, and have over 36 years’ worth of experience, making us the perfect people to give your vintage watch its tick-tock back!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.