Watch Parts – the Ultimate Beginners Guide

If you’re a keen amateur horologist, you may be ready to learn more about the specifics of your watches. Whether you like to buy new watches, or are a collector of antique timepieces, a little in depth knowledge will go a long way.

It’s important to have some knowledge of watch parts, simply because this will make your understanding that much greater, ready for your watch to be serviced or even if you just need a new watch battery. Ilford watch lovers can safely hand their precious watches over to E.K. Jewellers for new watch batteries and watch servicing, but in the meantime, here’s a beginner’s guide to watch parts.

Watch Face, or Dial

As you would expect, the watch face is exactly that: the face of the watch from which you tell the time. But did you know that it can also be known as the dial? The dial is the technical term for the watch face. Within the dial, you’ll also have the hands, normally a minute and hour marker, and sometimes a second hand too.

Sub Dial

Some watches have a sub dial, which acts as the seconds counter, or can show the date or elapsed time on a chronograph (stopwatch).

Date Window

On some watches, you’ll find a specific date window. Although this isn’t found on all watches, it’s becoming a more popular option on new watches.


The bezel is the metal ring around the dial, which can sometimes be used for more complex functions, such as gauging time on chronograph watches.

Watch Band, Strap or Bracelet

The watch band is the part of the watch which keeps it attached to your wrist. This part is normally known as either the watch band or strap, but it can also be known as the bracelet, particularly on some watch types which include links or have a more feminine, bangle style to them. Most watch bands will have a clasp or buckle to enable it to fit your wrist accordingly.

Watch bands and straps come in a variety of materials, from leather to fabric, various metals through to rubber. Whether you’re in need of a change of watch strap or a new watch battery, Ilford based amateur horologists can visit E.K. Jewellers.

Crown or Button

The crown or button of a watch is the protruding button usually on the right hand side of the watch face which acts as a winder on a mechanical watch. Sometimes the crown is also used to alter the date.

Watch Servicing and New Watch Batteries

Once you have a good idea of the parts of your timepieces, you’ll be more in tune with them should you require your watch to be serviced. If you do require a watch service or a new watch battery, Ilford watch lovers can visit E.K. Jewellers. We carry out all watch repairs and battery changes on site, so you can rest assured that your watch collection will be safe with us!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.