Watch Repairs and Battery Replacements from Jewellers in Loughton

It’s annoying when your favourite watch appears to give up the ghost. Watch straps break, batteries die, and mechanisms can go wrong. But you shouldn’t despair as Loughton jewellers are able to bring watches back to life.

At EK Jewellers we will try to turn back the clock on any common watch problems. We offer a range of watch repairs and a battery replacement service on the premises, to enable you to leave with a fully functioning timepiece again!

Jewellers in Loughton Can Salvage Your Timepiece

Watches that have seen better days can be easily repaired by independent jewellers in Loughton. Watch straps often break through everyday wear and tear. Why not treat your watch to a new strap from EK Jewellers? We’ll help you to choose a strap to suit your piece and fit the strap for you whilst you wait.

It’s also simple to fix broken watch strap links, and replace watch batteries, two more jobs we can offer while you wait. For mechanism repairs, we may need to look at your timepiece in more detail, but by using a local jeweller, Loughton residents can rest assured that their pieces are being restored on site.

Replace Watch Battery in Loughton

As easy as it is to replace a watch battery, you will still want to ensure that your watch is in safe hands. 

By choosing a local Loughton jeweller, such as EK Jewellers, you know that the quality of the battery replacement will be the best it can be, often coming with a guarantee, and we’ll also take the utmost care and attention to open your watch without causing it any damage.

Most watch batteries are guaranteed for approximately two years. You can also guarantee that if you decide it’s time to buy a new watch battery, in Loughton you’ll find the best quality batteries at EK Jewellers.

And if all Else Fails?  New Watches Available at Jewellers in Loughton!

We know that most watches hold sentimental value: they’re often gifts, for example, or family heirlooms. As a premier jeweller in Loughton, here at EK Jewellers we will always try to find a repair for your watch first and foremost.

However, as a tried and trusted Loughton jeweller, we do have to be honest with our customers from time to time so if it’s cheaper to buy a new watch, we will advise. We have a huge range of watches in stock, including ranges by Sekonda and Rotary.

You can rest assured, however, that this is a last resort and most watch repairs are straightforward procedures. You can trust in EK Jewellers, local jewellers in Loughton, to have your watch’s best interests at heart. We’ll have your timepiece running like clockwork in no time!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.