Wedding Rings and World Events: How History Shaped Wedding Ring Designs and Traditions

Wedding rings, small yet significant symbols of love and commitment, have a rich history intertwined with the tapestry of global events. In this post, we will delve into how historical occurrences have left an important mark on wedding ring designs and wedding ring traditions.

Wedding ring designs in the early 1900s

After the industrial revolution, the early 1900s saw a period of growth and wealth and as a reflection of this, diamonds and platinum were seen to be used more in both engagement and wedding rings.

Following the end of World War I and throughout the 1920s and 1930s, wedding ring designs were heavily influenced by Art Deco themes. Wedding rings became more geometric in style and were studded with rubies and sapphires in a bid to be more feminine than the previous decades.

World War II influence on wedding ring designs

As scarcity and rationing became the norm during wartime, the materials traditionally used for crafting wedding rings, such as gold and platinum became scarce commodities.

In response to these challenges, alternative materials gained popularity. Tungsten and titanium emerged as durable and more affordable alternatives, reflecting the resilience and adaptability of couples facing adversity. These alternative wedding ring metals were symbolic in showing the strength of love amidst challenging circumstances.

The sentimental shift in wedding ring traditions

The uncertainty of war led to an increased emphasis on the sentimental value of wedding rings rather than their material worth.

For the first time, it became popular for men to wear wedding rings to remind soldiers fighting abroad about their loved ones at home.

Couples placed greater importance on the emotional significance of wedding rings and one way to do this was to engrave messages or dates on to wedding rings. The practice of engraving became popular, and this tradition has endured, allowing couples to add a personal touch to their rings to create lasting memories. 

The evolution of wedding ring designs in the modern day

In the post war era, the evolution of wedding ring designs continued. The mid-20th century witnessed a resurgence of interest in traditional materials like gold and platinum. The economic prosperity that followed World War II allowed couples to embrace these precious metals again into their wedding ring designs.

Since 2000, the explosion of social media, has allowed us a closer look into the world of celebrities which meant that many people took inspiration for wedding ring designs from royalty and other favourite celebrities.

More recently, wedding ring designs and wedding traditions have become much more personal. Couples are looking for an intimate journey in the design of their wedding rings and how they celebrate their marriage. This might involve choosing ethical and eco-friendly wedding rings, using alternative metals or choosing gemstone within wedding rings to add special meaning.

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It’s sobering to realise the profound influence of historical events on the traditions and wedding ring designs over the years. From the challenges of wartime to the enduring strength of love, wedding rings serve as a silent witness to the ever-changing landscape of human history.

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