What can we do to Repair and Restore our Sentimental Jewellery?

Sentimental jewellery, quite rightly, needs to be worn. We all have a fondness for our favourite pieces, and, let’s face it, items like wedding and engagement rings tend to get worn on a daily basis. Of course, this can take its toll on our special pieces, and every now and again it’s a good idea to give them a little bit of TLC to restore and, if necessary, repair them.

It’s always important to use a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, especially when it comes to pieces which have sentimentality attached to them. Hainault jewellery lovers, let’s restore those special pieces before too much damage is done!


Watches benefit from a service every one to two years on average, but aside from that, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your watch band. If it’s starting to wear thin, don’t run the risk of it breaking and losing the watch face, especially if it’s a timepiece which was given to you on a special occasion, or handed down to you as an heirloom.

Instead, visit a jeweller experienced in jewellery repairs to choose a new watch band. Hainault customers can visit E.K. Jewellers to choose from the wide range of in stock watch bands. If you’re looking to keep the sentimentality of your piece, you’ll often be able to find a band which is very similar to that which originally came with your watch, so you won’t lose the look and feel of the timepiece.

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings really do bear the brunt of wear and tear. They are worn every day, and as such stones can become loose, and any white gold pieces can start to yellow.

If you recognise these aspects from your own wedding, engagement or eternity bands, don’t wait until it’s too late and you’ve lost a precious stone. Instead, keep the sentimentality of the ring that was originally given to you, by having the settings of the stones checked regularly by a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises. By doing so, your precious rings – and any loose stones – won’t get lost in transit, and the settings can be tightened on site.

Similarly, white gold rings should have their rhodium plating re-plated once the yellow gold underneath starts to show through. An experienced jeweller should be able to carry out this repair on the premises, which again avoids the risk of having to send your ring away for re-plating.

Engraved Pieces

Many people like to have special pieces of jewellery engraved before gifting them to their loved ones. But did you know that over time, the engraving can become worn and hard to read? If you’ve got an engraved piece which has seen better days, visit your local jeweller who can re-engrave the piece for you.

Hainault based E.K. Jewellers carries out jewellery repairs on the premises, so you can be sure that your special pieces are in safe hands.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.