What Jewellery Should you Wear as a Wedding Guest?

It’s lovely to be invited to a wedding: it’s lovely to see those we love happy, and it’s also a fabulous occasion to dress up, eat, drink and be merry! Wedding outfits are usually something that we put a lot of thought into, but have you thought carefully about your accompanying jewellery too?

Just as with wedding guest outfits, there’s a certain amount of wedding jewellery etiquette which should be followed. Here are our top wedding guest jewellery tips.

Dainty Does It

A wedding is one occasion when bigger isn’t better. Jewellers Woodford wide will advise that statement jewellery should be left at home for weddings, and instead opt for something understated. Let the bride and groom do the talking in terms of the way they look, and opt for smaller pieces, so that all eyes are on the happy couple.

Clever Colour

Just as there is a general rule that you shouldn’t wear white to a wedding, the same should apply to wedding guest jewellery. The bride is likely to be wearing white jewellery pieces, so choose a different colour for your jewellery if you are attending as a guest.

Having said this, don’t go all out on colour; you still want to keep it understated. As such, choose one colour for your jewellery and stick to it. Bright jewel colours are often a winner for summer weddings, so choose reds, purples or greens, and for winter weddings, opt for something a little more muted, such as pale pinks, moss greens or icy blues.

Don’t do Diamonds

Just as white jewellery is usually the preserve of the bride, large diamond pieces should also be left at home. Bridal jewellery, especially headwear including tiaras, is often made up of glitzy diamond pieces, so if you do wish to wear a little bit of sparkle, keep it subtle. Choose small pendants or stud earrings other large statement diamond necklaces and chandelier diamond earrings.

Pearls are Perfect

Going against the rule of not wearing white jewellery to a wedding, it’s widely accepted that pearls are perfect as wedding guest jewellery. It’s a timeless look which works well with most outfits, although if you know for certain that the bride is going to be wearing pearl jewellery, you may wish to steer clear.

Of course, if you visit your local jewellers, Woodford wedding guests will be able to find more than just white pearls. Pearls come in a variety of colours, from pink through to green, so there is bound to be a set of pearls that will accessorise your wedding guest outfit perfectly.

If you’re looking for the perfect piece of wedding guest jewellery, visit your local jewellers. Woodford based wedding guests can visit E.K. Jewellers, in Hainault. We’re just a short hop from Woodford, and stock a wide variety of pieces perfect as your wedding guest accessories!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.