What Necklace for What Neckline?

Choosing the right necklace for the neckline of the top or dress you’re wearing can really elevate your outfit. Sometimes it can be trickier than you think to get it right, and if you do have a mishap with your necklace and neckline combination it can really detract from your overall look. So what necklaces go with what necklines? Here’s a handy guide so that you can get it right every time.

How do you match a neckline to a necklace?

When it comes to choosing necklaces for necklines, there are several aspects that you need to consider. These include:

·  The necklace length

·  The type of top you’re wearing and its colour

·  The shape of your face

·  Your hairstyle

When choosing necklaces for necklines, it’s important to ensure that you take each of these into account and look at your outfit as a whole. Choose necklaces which complement the above aspects and work well with the various factors.

If you have certain outfits that you know work well with particular necklaces, then why not create a necklace cheat sheet by photographing your outfits for quick reference? That way, when you have a similar neckline to wear on a different top, you may be able to choose the same style necklace to go with it.

What kind of necklace works for a round neckline?

Round neck tops are a staple of many people’s wardrobes. From t-shirts through to smarter tops and blouses, it’s important to know what type of necklace works well for round neck tops.

Round necked tops often work well with either an opera necklace (usually two or more strands of beads or chains at varying lengths) or lariat necklaces (a necklace which is v-shaped and then splits into two or more long strands or pendants dangling from the end).

These can either take up the open space that the round neck creates or layer over the top of your top, depending on how high your round neckline is.

What type of necklace should I wear with a V-neck?

Necklaces worn with a V-neck neckline should complement the V shape. For example, don’t wear a necklace which sits in a round or asymmetric shape, as this will detract from your top. Instead, choose a necklace which mirrors the V shape and ends with a pendant, sitting approximately 1 inch above the neckline.

Similarly, if you’re wondering how to accessorise a deep V-neck dress, you want to keep the focus on the neckline. A longline simple gold or silver chain in a matching V-shape can draw the eye down the neckline, and you can also layer simple chains for a similar but bolder effect.

What kind of necklace do you wear with a high neckline?

When pairing any necklace with any neckline, the general rule is ‘the higher the neckline, the longer the necklace’. Turtlenecks and high crew necks or sweater necklines look fantastic with rope or lariat necklaces which draw the eye down and lengthen the body. Turtlenecks are also great for layering several necklaces to give a bit of wow factor to your outfit.

As an alternative, small pendants work well with a crew neck, as do bib style necklaces with a high neckline to give a bold look to your outfit.

What kind of necklace can I wear with a collared shirt?

Collared shirts are one of the most flexible necklines you can wear with a necklace, depending on whether you have the buttons done up or open. For example, a fully buttoned up shirt looks amazing with a bib style necklace over the top of the shirt and lying under the collar, giving an extra dimension to the collar of the shirt.

Alternatively, open the neckline up and follow the rules of a V-neck neckline by wearing a pendant which sits about an inch above the top of your neckline.

Do necklaces make your neck look longer?

Necklaces can definitely make your neck look longer, especially with strapless or low-cut tops, which put the emphasis on your neck. Wear a choker with this type of neckline as it will draw the eye to your neck and give you a graceful look.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.