Why a Local Jeweller is the Best Place to Change your Watch Battery

It’s so frustrating when your watch battery stops. That annoying ‘naked’ feeling when you suddenly don’t have your watch on your wrist, never having the time readily available when you need it. We get it.

We therefore understand why people feel the need to pop into their local shoe menders or mobile phone shop on the high street to grab a new battery. However, this is something we don’t get: why would you trust someone with no jewellery experience to give you a new watch battery when you could get one from your local jeweller?!

Here are just a few reasons why we believe that the only place to change your watch battery is at your local jewellers.

A Local Jeweller will Supply the Correct Battery

You may think that all watch batteries are equal, but that’s not actually true. If you need to replace your watch battery in Ilford or Woodford or anywhere nearby, be aware that if you take it to someone other than a local jeweller, you run the risk of your watch battery being replaced with an unsuitable battery.

An experienced local jeweller will be able to fit and supply the correct battery for your timepiece to ensure that it keeps on ticking for as long as possible.

A Local Jeweller will not Damage the Watch’s Casing

Removing the casing of a watch is no mean feat. It isn’t something that should be attempted by amateurs in an attempt to replace the watch battery. It also calls for special tools. Some watches in fact are designed only to be opened by a specialist.

If you need a fresh watch battery therefore, visit an independent jeweller for this service. A local jeweller will be able to remove the back safely without causing any damage to the casing or the watch face.

A Service May be Needed

Have you considered that your watch may need more than just a battery? If you take your watch to anyone other than a jeweller and they replace the battery then tell you, sorry it’s still not working, what to do? But if you’re dealing with a local jeweller, then they will have more an idea of what could be wrong.

It may be that your watch needs a service, or a part needs repairing or replacing. This is something that an untrained eye wouldn’t pick up on so by visiting a local jeweller, watch owners will be giving their watch the best possible treatment when it comes to changing the battery.

When looking for a new watch battery in Ilford or Woodford, watch lovers can visit nearby Hainault based E.K. Jewellers for this service. With us, you’ll know that your watch will be in safe hands and ticking over again in no time!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.