Why it Pays to Go Local for your Engagement Ring

When researching the purchase of an engagement ring, it’s easy to find all of the big names online and on the high street and think that they are your only option. There may well be a big world wide web of engagement rings out there, but don’t be swayed by so much online choice. When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, it often pays to go local.

So why purchase your engagement ring from your jeweller in Ilford? Here are just a few reasons.


The service of a local jeweller will be second to none. They care about their customers and want to ensure that they’re happy with their purchase, and so they will go above and beyond to make sure that what you are buying is exactly right for you.


Your local jeweller will be able to deliver the best quality engagement ring. Specifically, they can source excellent quality stones, including diamonds which few inclusions. This is because they closely inspect and evaluate the source of the diamond on purchase.


If you need any sizing adjustments, purchasing from a local jeweller in Ilford will mean that you can accurately have your ring adjusted on site. This means that once the proposal has taken place, you won’t need to send your ring off for resizing should it be too big or too small.

Instead, your local jeweller who took the time to sell you the perfect ring, can easily ensure that it also fits perfectly by resizing on site. Your ring won’t be lost in transit, and you won’t be away from it for any longer than is needed for the adjustment to take place.


If you want something completely different, then your local jeweller is who you should talk to. They can work with you to create something beautifully bespoke for you. Your piece will be created on site, and will be a completely unique engagement ring, custom created for you or your fiancée.


And once you’ve chosen your perfect engagement ring? Ask your local jeweller in Ilford to assess it for insurance purposes. That way, you can insure your piece for the correct amount, to at least protect you financially should it become lost or stolen.

If you want all of the benefits of choosing your engagement ring at your local jewellers, visit E.K. Jewellers. As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we love helping couples to choose the perfect ring for them. Our personal service means that it always pays to go local with your engagement ring.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.