Why Mum Deserves Jewellery this Mother’s Day

Our lovely mums. They do get taken for granted, don’t they? And because of that, when it comes to Mother’s Day, it’s time to spoil them. And what better way to spoil them is there than with jewellery?

Thinking of getting your mum a piece of jewellery this Mother’s Day? Just in case you need any more reasons to treat your mum to something special, here’s why we think all mums need jewellery this Mother’s Day.

They Gave us Life:

Is there any better reason to spoil your mum this Mother’s Day, really? They carried us for nine months, loved us before they’d even met us, and gave us life. So why not spoil your mum with a piece of jewellery which comprises of the birthstones of her children?

They make Fantastic Grandmothers:

If you have children of your own, remember that you ought to buy something from your children to give to their grandmothers, too. Something that’s simple but sentimental, such as a simple silver or gold bangle is a great idea. Engrave it on the inside with the grandchildren’s dates of birth for an extra special touch.

If you have this made bespoke by a jeweller in Loughton, you can also tailor the design to suit your mum’s style. Depending on your Mum’s taste, you can either leave the outside edge of the bracelet which is on show plain, have it engrave with a simple design such as a heart or infinity arrow, or have it set with small precious stones.

They are Always There for Us:

If there’s someone we can rely on in life, it’s our mum. They are there for us, always. So if you want to remind your mum how grateful you are to have her in your life, and that you’ll always be there in return, why not buy a charm for her charm bracelet, or a pendant for a special necklace?

There’s a certain permanence which jewellery symbolises so well, making it a great gift to show someone what they mean to you.

They Treat us like Precious Jewels:

Ask any mum what their biggest achievement is in life, and the thing that is most precious to them, and they will say their children. So if your mum treats you like a precious jewel, doesn’t she deserve to be given some precious jewels in return? Beautiful diamond, ruby, emerald or opal drop earrings or a ring set with small precious stones will really show your mum how much you love her this Mother’s Day.

No matter what type of jewellery you wish to buy for your mum this Mother’s Day, or what budget you have or your mum’s taste, a trusted jeweller in Loughton can help. E.K. Jewellers is just a short journey away from Loughton, and we have a range of ideas to help you choose the perfect give this Mother’s Day. Because, after all, your mum really does deserve the best.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.