Wrist Watches - Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve ever owned or bought an expensive watch, you’ll know it’s an investment piece of jewellery which needs to be looked after accordingly. It can be confusing however, knowing how to maintain and care for your watch, but with the help of a trusted jeweller, you needn’t worry.

For everything from watch servicing and repairs, through to buying a new watch battery, Woodford residents or anyone from around the area can call upon the friendly help offered by EK Jewellers. Here are our most frequently asked watch-related questions:

How can I look after my Watch on a Day-to-Day Basis?

Looking after your watch is usually a case of common sense. Most watches will come with their own list of do’s and don’ts, but in general terms, you should avoid:

·  Magnetic fields: try not to put your watch on top of the likes of speakers or fridges, as these have strong magnetic fields which can affect the mechanism.

·  Chemical products: take your watch off before cleaning or using any other chemical products, as these can discolour the casing or damage the bracelet if it is metallic.

·  Extreme temperatures: avoid extreme temperatures (i.e. those above 60° Celsius or below freezing) as this can interfere with your watch’s moving parts.

·  Submerging in water: unless your watch is specifically certified as waterproof (not just splash proof), you shouldn’t submerge it in water. Even if it is waterproof, try not to submerge it in salty seawater too often, and if you do, always rinse it with warm water afterwards.

How Often should I have my Watch Serviced?

How often you have your watch serviced depends entirely on the make and model, so if you’re in doubt, take advice from your jeweller. As a general rule, you should have your watch serviced every three to four years.

Can I Replace my Watch Strap with something Entirely Different?

Yes, if you fancy a change or are just in need of a new watch strap because yours has worn out, your watch strap can be changed for something entirely different if you so wish. Ask your jeweller which type of watch straps will be suitable for your watch.

What is the Lifespan of a Watch Battery?

This is something that is asked frequently by those looking for a new watch battery. Woodford residents should be aware that this can vary according to the age and quality of the watch, as well as the number of functions the watch offers and how often those functions are used.

For example, a brand new watch with a quartz battery and basic functions (i.e. time and date) will last on average about four years. However, as the watch ages, the mechanism ages too and drains more power, so a replacement battery may only last between one and two years.

Watch batteries do sometimes last longer – and you can certainly ask your jeweller for advice – but we would recommend replacing the battery every year to avoid possible damaging battery leakage.

Do you Repair Watches on Site?

If this isn’t something that you’re asking when putting your watch in for repair, it should be! Here at EK Jewellers we carry out all work on site, from full servicing through to fitting a new watch battery. Woodford customers and those from surrounding areas can therefore rest assured that their special timepiece will be in safe hands, and most importantly not lost in the post.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.