Gemstone Wedding Rings – How to Add Colour to a Timeless Tradition

A wedding ring is not just a piece of jewellery, it symbolises eternal love and commitment between two people. For generations, traditional wedding rings have featured diamonds as the gemstone of choice. Whilst diamonds are stunning, adding a touch of colour with a gemstone can infuse your special day with even more meaning. Let’s explore the allure of gemstone wedding rings. Whether you’re seeking real gemstone wedding rings, vintage styles or unique creations, there’s a gemstone out there to perfectly complement your love story.

Natural gemstone wedding rings

Rubies, sapphires and emeralds are the most popular gemstone wedding rings. Rubies with a passionate shade of red signify love and vitality, making them an excellent choice to be used in a wedding band. Sapphires, with their rich blue hue, symbolises loyalty and truth making an ideal choice for expressing a deep commitment. Emeralds with a lush green tone embody hope and renewal giving a meaningful choice for couples starting out on their journey together.

The beauty of choosing unique gemstone wedding rings is that each piece offers a certain charm and meaning which you can match to your personal situation. Find out more about gemstone trends for 2023.

Buying your engagement ring and your wedding ring to form gemstone wedding ring sets not only makes a stunning statement but symbolises the official coming together of your love. Read more in our guide on How to Make a Wedding Ring Fit Your Engagement Ring.

Birthstone gemstone wedding rings

Incorporating birthstones as part of your gemstone wedding rings is an excellent way to add a personal and meaningful touch to your union. From garnet in January, to turquoise in December, there is a rainbow of colours to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect gemstone to represent your special bond.

Some couples also showcase the gemstone from the month that they met within their wedding ring. Others spend time finding out the real meaning behind the gemstone to express how they truly feel about each other.

Vintage gemstone wedding rings

For those seeking a blend of history and charm, vintage gemstone wedding rings are a good choice. These rings often feature intricate design and craftsmanship that reflect the trends of a bygone era.

Opting for a vintage gemstone wedding ring allows you to wear a piece of history that tells a story of romance and timelessness. Vintage and antique rings often display unique gemstone cuts and settings that are less common today adding a touch of individuality.

Simulated gemstone wedding rings

Simulated gemstones, also known as lab-created or synthetic gemstones offer an  alternative to natural gemstones. Grown within a controlled environment, simulated gemstones replicate the chemical and optical properties of their natural counterparts.

The main advantage in choosing simulated gemstone wedding rings is their affordability. They often cost significantly less than real gemstones which is good option for budget-conscious couples. Simulated gemstones are also environmentally friendly as they do not require extensive mining.

Whilst they may look like natural gemstones, the main disadvantage to simulated gemstone wedding rings is that they lack inherent value and uniqueness associated with genuine gemstones. Additionally, some may argue that the sentiment behind a real gemstone’s natural formation over millions of years cannot be replicated.

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Gemstone wedding rings offer a delightful way to add colour and meaning to a timeless tradition. Whether you opt for natural, vintage or simulated gemstones, selecting the perfect gemstone for your wedding ring is a celebration of your love and bond to match that which you share with your partner.

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