Jewellery Gift Ideas for New Mums

When a new bundle of joy arrives into the world, it really is a cause to celebrate. But think about it: cute baby clothes, cuddly toys, practical pieces of equipment… the baby is usually the recipient of all of the gifts! Although the new mum has been given the most precious gift of all, there is often little thought given to the new mum herself, with few people buying gifts for new parents.

So why not right that wrong and buy her a piece of new mum jewellery? It’s the perfect way to show you love and are proud of them. With this in mind, here are our favourite gifts for new parents.

A new mum necklace

A traditional piece of jewellery for mums is a ‘mum necklace’. That is, a necklace which has a pendant which spells out ‘mum’, ‘mother’ or ‘mummy’.

This is especially lovely if the recipient is a first-time mum as she will never before have received a piece of jewellery like this, which will make it extra special. Go for gold if you want a traditional new mum necklace, or make it a little more contemporary with a silver or rose gold version.

A new mum bracelet

If you want to give something a little more subtle but still with the ‘mum’ element written within it, why not give a new mum bracelet? This is the same idea as the new mum necklace, with a pendant included which spells out ‘mum’ or ‘mummy’. This could be strung between links to lay flat on the wrist, or a small dangly charm.

Alternatively, why not ask your local jeweller about creating a personalised new mum bracelet where the word is written using very thin wire to create a contemporary new mum bangle?

If you want something a little more subtle than a bracelet with the name on, how about a charm bracelet? This can be started off with a charm which symbolises becoming a mother, such as a pram or a baby rattle, and then adding to it over the years, perhaps recognising family milestones, holidays and celebrations.

A personalised necklace for a new mum

As well as making bracelets personal, you can also give a personalised necklace for a new mum. This could be something as subtle as a necklace which incorporates the baby’s birthstone, or all the family’s initials on a small disc pendant each.

Just having someone think about giving a personalised necklace for a new mum can really make her feel truly special.

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If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum, visit E.K. Jewellers in Hainault. Keepsake jewellery is a very popular new mum gift and will really make her feel special.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.