Timeless Treasures: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Watch for Dad this Father's Day

Watches make a timeless gift for Father’s Day. If you’re looking for something special that Dad can treasure for years to come, join us as we explore what’s on offer in terms of watch styles, and share expert tips and advice for selecting the right watch based on personality and lifestyle.

Different watch styles for different dads

There are various different styles of watches, and what suits one dad may not suit another. Understanding the styles is the first step to making sure Dad gets the perfect watch for his needs.

Classic watches

Classic watches are elegantly designed and will usually be suited to the type of dad who prefers to dress more formally, or who enjoys going out and getting dressed up.

Classic watches are usually fitted with leather or metal straps. They are ideal for dads who appreciate tradition and timeless elegance.

Classic watch brands include Rotary and Sekonda.

Sporty watches

For sporty dads, a watch that’s built around durability is the order of the day. Go for something water resistant, perhaps with useful chronographs to track times.

Luxury watches

Luxury watches are crafted from high end materials. They’ll involve intricate craftsmanship, and are ideal for dads who appreciate the finer things in life.

Luxury watch brands include Rolex, Patek Philippe, Breitling and Cartier.

Smart watches

Smart watches have become very popular in recent years. More than just a way of telling the time, the smart watch connects to the owner’s smartphone and offers an array of functions, such as fitness and activity tracking, sleep and health monitoring, calorie counting and GPS tracking.

Smart watches make the ideal Father’s Day gift for tech-savvy dads who love modern gadgets and who like to stay connected.

How to select the right watch for your dad this Father’s Day?

The best place to start when choosing the right watch as a Father’s Day gift is to consider personality and lifestyle.

Choose a watch that fits with Dad’s daily routine and activities, and that matches his style and fashion preferences.

Next, think about essential features, such as date display, second hand, stopwatch / chronographs and GPS.

The next step is to consider material preferences. Would Dad prefer a metal strap, a leather strap or a rubber strap, for example?

Size is also important. There is a process involved in choosing the right watch size. If you’re keen to keep the watch a surprise for Father’s Day, you could choose a watch with an adjustable strap, or have the watch sized by taking pins out after you’ve presented the gift.

Finally, think about budget. Determine a budget range, and your jeweller will show you the best options within that range. Do try and consider the value and longevity of the watch as an investment. You may even create a brand new heirloom that Dad can pass down to future generations!

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