Your Local Jewellers for Gidea Park

Have you been searching for independent jewellers near Gidea Park? Are you seeking unique, one-of-a-kind handmade jewellery? Emerson Park or Gidea Park based? Perhaps you need a jeweller you can trust for jewellery repairs on the premises, or one who can restore white gold jewellery to its original glory? Look no further then EK Jewellers.

EK Jewellers is a jeweller within easy reach of Gidea Park who for over 40 years has built a reputation for quality pieces and service. As a family run business our services all have the personal touch and as members of the National Association of Goldsmiths, all customers can be confident of a consistently excellent service.

We are available for everything from a new watch battery through to repairs and finding that perfect piece of bespoke jewellery. Emerson Park jewellery owners also trust EK Jewellers for their jewellery repairs and requirements from our friendly shop that's located just a short drive away in Hainault.

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At EK Jewellers we know how precious individual pieces of jewellery are to their owners. Therefore we complete all our jewellery repairs on the premises. That way we can keep track of your jewellery at all times, giving it our full care and attention just as you would expect us to.

Call in to 132 New North Road, a few steps from Hainault Station, for a safe and reliable jewellery repair service.

Fine Handmade Jewellery in Gidea Park

For special gifts and occasions, sometimes only bespoke will do. We offer contemporary handmade jewellery that's designed especially for you. Whether you are looking for unique handmade wedding jewellery to mark the big day, or special handmade gemstone jewellery for a thoughtful gift, we can help. Have you been searching for a particular piece of jewellery to no avail? Why not commission your own handcrafted jewellery tailored to your exact design?

To learn more about our bespoke jewellery crafting service, visit us or call 020 8500 3191. We're based in Hainault, which is not at all far from Emerson Park. Unique silver jewellery is one of our most popular lines, and we've got plenty of other ideas to inspire you.

Restore Platinum Jewellery to its Former Glory

When platinum or white gold jewellery has been worn for a long time it can lose its famous deep shine. This happens when the top later of rhodium wears away leaving the metal underneath exposed.

If this has happened to a special piece of jewellery that you own don't despair, there is a simple way of bringing back the shine. EK Jewellers offer rhodium plating on the premises, that not only gives clients a new looking piece of platinum or white gold jewellery but also peace of mind knowing where their beloved jewellery is at all times of the restoration.

Would you like to restore platinum jewellery? Gidea Park is close to our Hainault base where our rhodium plating experts work. For more information on our rhodium plating service call into our shop near Hainault Station. We're open every day except Thursday and Sunday.

Whatever your jewellery requirements we're confident that as local Emerson Park and Gidea Park jewellers we can help. Whether you need a repair or restore service or you're searching for that unique piece of jewellery call us on 020 8500 3191 or visit us at 132 New North Road. We look forward to assisting you.