Jewellery Services in Hainault & surrounding areas of Essex

Our range of services is divided into four categories. Click on the one that interests you to find out more.


If you are seeking a top quality new watch for yourself or as a gift, you are sure to find what you want at our Hainault shop. We are Rotary and Sekonda watch stockists and have a wide range of pieces for you to choose from, as well as other brands in a range of styles and designs. Select from gold and silver watches, diamond set watches or stainless steel or plated metal pieces. Pop in and browse our selection to see what suits you and we'll give you some friendly advice if you need it.

Also on offer is a range of watch straps to suit your taste; we'll help you make your choice and then fit the new strap for you whilst you wait. We also offer watch battery replacement and do this with the utmost care and attention, returning your watch to you as good as new.

Rotary Watches

Our selection of Rotary watches offers a choice of both classic and contemporary. Choose from a variety of traditional styles, try a piece for size from the Ultra Slim range of dress watches or admire the Les Originales luxury collection. Also here for you to peruse is the unisex sports range Aquaspeed, the Precious Metals collection in treasured silver and gold and the Evolution range. Whichever type of Rotary watch you decide upon, you'll be guaranteed the ultimate in Swiss luxury and design, made to the exceptionally high specification that Rotary is renowned for.

Sekonda Watches

For outstanding value and striking British design, look no further than our selection of Sekonda watches. From classic Sekonda watches through to the young-at-heart Seksy collection and the dazzling range of Crystalla bracelet watches, there is something here to suit every taste. We also stock the durable Xpose range of Sekonda sports watches and the colourful Sekonda Partytime collection.


Hand made jewellery is our forté and we are fully qualified diamond mounters and pearl stringing experts. You can bring us your own designs to make up for you, or commission us to produce a beautiful piece fit for any particular special occasion.

Custom made jewellery and jewellery commissions

You might want a unique, custom made wedding ring, or a hand made engagement ring; something special and unique that will stand the test of time and will never fail to turn heads. Whether you commission us to make the piece to your design, or leave us to the design work, you won't fail to be thrilled with the piece.

Jewellery Re-Modelling

Some people keep pieces of jewellery that haven't seen the light of day for years; if you have any you are tired of, or that don't seem quite right for you today, why not bring them in for our jewellery remodelling service. We'll make each piece into something fresh and new for you.

Jewellery Repairs

Jewellery repairs are undertaken on the premises; you can trust us to restore your cherished jewellery or pieces you have inherited. Our services include rhodium plating for discoloured white gold items which will bring them back to the brilliant silver white colour that looks so good on even the lowest grade of white gold items.

All jewellery work is completed on site, in our Hainault workshop, where we also make up our own designs for sale in our Hainault shop.

Scrap Gold

We'll also pay good prices for your scrap gold if you have any that you really don't want to keep. While the value of gold is high is a good time to sell.

National Association of Goldsmiths

Our customers benefit from our membership of the National Association of Goldsmiths, the oldest and most highly respected organisation that represents and supports the jewellery industry. Membership keeps us up to date on industry related news and developments, as well as giving us access to training in all aspects of jewellery professionalism. No one is admitted to membership unless they are proved worthy, so you can trust that our work will be of the finest quality, using traditional methods but with the best and latest equipment available.

Designer Jewellery

Alongside our own quality range of carefully selected pieces of gold, silver and precious stones, we also showcase the work of a top jewellery designers, including Kit Heath and Tianguis Jackson.

Kit Heath jewellery is well known for its sophisticated sterling silver designs for both day and evening wear, and we are delighted to be among the first retail outlets in the area for his beautiful collection.

More information about Kit Heath Jewellery

Tianguis Jackson jewellery specialises in 925 Sterling Silver from South America, a continent known for its passion and quality in jewellery design and silver work. A diverse array of pieces creates unique statement jewellery and giftware choices.

More information about Tianguis Jackson Jewellery


You may be seeking gifts for special occasions that call for something other than jewellery. We stock a wide range of giftware, with items such as clocks, photo frames, plus porcelain figurines and other collectable pieces from recognised makers.

Just call in and tell us the reason for the gift and the person who will receive it. You'll be presented with friendly, personal assistance to select the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion. We are here to serve you, with all the help you need.


When you need to get your precious jewellery items valued this Hainault jewellers is the place to come.

We are independent valuers adhering to the strict standards laid down by the Institute of Registered Valuers.

The valuation you receive will depend on your reason for requiring it. Jewellery insurance valuations, to decide how much you should insure items for, will be different from ones where you are considering selling. A probate valuation will also be different. Whatever your reason, you will receive an appropriate valuation document that will enable you to prove the worth of your item. For more information about jewellery valuations, call us or call in to our Hainault shop for advice.

Rhodium Plating

Bring back the shine to your white gold or platinum jewellery with our help.

Rhodium plating is offered on the premises to bring back the original shine that once graced your white gold or platinum jewellery. Rhodium plating is the finish applied to white gold jewellery to create the silver-white colour which is so popular. Over time, this plating wears off and the true colour of the metal underneath shows through.

To keep your rings and other white gold and platinum jewellery sparkling, you will need to have the rhodium plating reapplied every now and again. The frequency depends on the quality of the metal and how much wear and tear the piece undergoes.

Our in-house rhodium plating service is a quick and simple process that involves polishing off any remaining rhodium, polishing out any scratches and then reapplying a brand new coat of rhodium. Our highly skilled jewellers will take care to ensure your jewellery is treated gently and with respect. As rhodium plating is carried out here on the premises, you can rest assured your jewellery is in safe hands. Before you know it, your precious engagement and wedding rings, and any other piece of white gold or platinum jewellery that you treasure, will be back with you looking as good as new.

Pearl Stringing

Expert pearl stringing offered on the premises.

Pearls are an investment, and should be worn with pride. If you've got a pearl necklace or bracelet which has perhaps seen better days, it can be restrung so that you can enjoy it as new. If you have pearls which you still wear often, it's a good idea to have them periodically restrung in order to prevent breakage and stop the possibility of losing individual pearls if a breakage were to occur.

Pearls should only ever be strung by an experienced professional. Closely tied knots are usually placed in between each pearl to minimise wear caused when they rub against each other and to give the piece maximum flexibility by separating each pearl. This also minimises the possibility of losing a pearl should the strand break.

Whether you're looking to bring new life back to your pearls or maintain them for future wear, our pearl stringing service can help. Rest assured your investment will be safe, as all pearl stringing work is carried out here at our Hainault Jewellery shop by our qualified jewellers. We can also offer the option of stronger string, if necessary, to protect against future wear. If you've previously been unfortunate enough to have lost a pearl, individual pearls can even be matched. Whatever the condition of your pearls, we are happy to be your local port of call for pearl stringing.